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Thursday, December 6, 2012


I know my enthusiasm is a little late, but hols are (have been here) and it's great!

We blasted off with a visit from Dom n Iris.  They were down here for Legoland and it was such a let down thanks to a heavy downpour.  We only went one...3 rides, I think?  What a waste of time!  Btw, though we were armed with ponchos - they were thin like garbage bags (fr KK Mart).  Not ideal for walking around the park.  Get them for emergencies instead.

On the bright side, Dom got really LUCKY!  Because it was raining for so long, he decided to give the funfair stands a shot.  It was ...well, just look at the picture below:

Mind you,it was very very hard.  There were only 2 lucky goblets among, like, a hundred.  And he got it in!  The prize was this Mega-Sized giraffe.  

It's now residing in my living room :p

Hello Melman!

Then, we jetted up to KL for an ultra-luxurious 5-day Diwali celebration.  (Usually we have, like, 3 days tops).  Fun Fun Fun.

On day two, the 3-sekawan of us ventured out to MidValley.  It was the first time we'd brought Aedan out and about in KL and he loved it.  We bought him a pair of shoes and he was off!  It was such a joy to see him toddling ( I love that word - an action version of an onomatopoeia if there ever was one).


Grand Theft Auto - He REALLY loved that Merc.

On day three, we had an equally awesome and stressful time at Uncle Ravi and Aunt Karen's place for our annual Diwali makan.  Awesome because of the food and company, stressful because of the screaming baby (who decided the world world was against him). Aedan was overwhelmed by the crowd and he really acted out....Let's hope he behaves better next year.  Btw, can I tumpang glamer and say I'm cousins with Naomi (who's a Miss Malaysia/Universe contestant)?  Don't let me hear ANYONE say, "Where's the resemblance?"  (!!!)  She's the one in Gray/Gold btw.

 Girl Cousins Annual 2012

Diverting his attention away from tears.  Kau Foo's idea to use Technology.  Worked for all of 5 minutes.

KG's way :D 
On day four, we went for a jaunt to the Curve.  I had some things I wanted for myself and I always love Ikea around Chirstmas time.  We had lunch at Marche - and one of the best mushroom soups I've had in quite some time.  (Question - the gourmet mushroom soups I've been having around, even at very, very good restos tend to be on the thin side.  Is thick, creamy mushroom soup out of fashion or something?)

Aedan wasn't impressed with the mushroom soup, coz he didn't get to taste it :p

And on the final day, we went to visit Ah Ye's grave.  It was raining and gloomy.  It's been almost 12 years...and I still miss him sometimes.  The cousins were all there.  Aedan was presented to AhYe properly - and we prayed together.  Then, the rest of the day was spent trying to get Aedan to be his usual cheery self again.  After the Diwali debacle, he grew very distrustful of everyone, even his faourite Aunt Yiyi!  We had a few short hours to lounge around, then it was back to JB.

For the next couple of weeks, I played housewife - a role I relish with glee.  It was just me and Aedan at home during the day. I cleaned, dusted, mopped and tidied - this is my annual school hols project.  Decorated the house - no Xmas tree this year, thanks to Aedan's fiddly fingers.

Deco on the banister - where Aedan can't grab them :D
For all my moanin' and complainin', I really love spending time with Aedan.  He's such a cutie pie.  He's also such an imp - with that wicked smile and twinkly eyes.  And his development these past weeks have been amazing - these peeps grow so quickly!  Sometimes I whisper in his ear, "Slow down, lil man, mommy needs you like this for a little while more".  Breaks my heart that when school reopens, it'll be back to the routine of not-being-there.  But I guess that's the sacrifice many of us have to make, huh?

Friday, October 12, 2012

Reservation of senses

It's no secret I love food.

Or maybe, because I'm horrifyingly picky, I am really a food-voyeur.  I love reading, seeing, watching, talking and even listening to ... about food.

My favourite food-books of all time are those written by Anthony Bourdain.  Kitchen Confidential, A Cook's Tour, The Nasty Bits and Medium Raw.  I have easily read each article/chapter at least 5 times.  I've scrutinised and searched for references or relevance to random items over and over again.  And I'd gladly do it many, many times more.

The tomes describing food, food-related places and food-related people ....  I love.

Obviously, I also enjoy seeing beautiful food and produce.  One thing I miss from my short time in Sydney are the farmer markets and fresh grocers.  The array of fruits and vegetables seduce me like nothing can.  Red berries, pink peaches, yellow corn ... except blue - there is officially no blue food.  There, a nugget of trivia.  Live food- at my local hawker store, markets, restaurants.  Or vicariously - through cookbooks, recipes in magazines etc.  I'd even bought random photobooks of food.

Ahhh, where do I begin.  I am very discerning in my watching material, especially since the arrival of Aedan. I have limited, very limited TV-time.  As a result, I have narrowed down my choices to 2 food-shows.  Top Chef and No Reservations.

I fell in love with Top Chef accidentally.  I downloaded the wrong file one day and voila!  a new addiction was born.  I have watched every episode of every season (even the seasonal ones or one-offs) and still haven't gotten tired of it yet.  I am head-over-heels with Tom Colichio, Padma and Gail.  I enjoy the parade of notable established chefs making their interesting comments.  I can't help but salivate at the creations of the chef-testants (even when I probably won't be eating frog legs or snake any time soon).  One day I'll write a post about this.

No Reservations is a no-brainer for me.  Travelling is something I like doing (from my couch) and pairing it with food content just draws me in hook, line and sinker.  You pick up some really great nuggets of information - for example, that "bottled" water in India are sometimes "bottled" at the sink in the restaurant.  LOL - I'm sure it's overgeneralised sometimes, but for someone who thrives on trivia - it's great!

Talking and Listening

Just as eating requires all five senses, you can't really discount talking about and listening as part of food appreciation.  Luckily for me, my other half loves doing post-mortems with me.  We can talk about food, produce and ingredients till the cows come home.  Sometimes, I am also lucky enough to talk shop with a chef friend whose restaurant (Food Republique,JB) we frequent.  Over steaming dishes of taste testing, we wax lyrical about certain cuts of meat or denounce certain garnishes (LOL).  'Tis fun IMHO.

I have to include this:)Tasting

Mmmm, if only we could truly treat our bodies like an amusement park instead of a temple.  Would I not scarf down that bowl of pesto pasta in a heartbeat?  Would I not mount butter on every dish I make?  Would I not have deep-fried snacks whole day and night?  Would I not stuff myself silly with 9-course meals (that's a Chinese thing for you) whenever I can?

So that's wishful thinking.  What's a girl to do when size 14 is too big and clothes don't look pretty on me?  Well, I buy handbags and shoes.  You eat less.  For me, I only indulge on weekends.  I pretty much eat light on other days (except holidays or festivals).  I try to eat healthy most times.  I don't eat everything and I'm lucky to be naturally in love with tofu and most veggies.  The downside is I love all things carbs and dairy and deep I don't exercise beyond pointing my finger threateningly at students or lugging Aedan around like a lil primate.

So yea, I try to spend my calories wisely.  A piece of "kuih" that I don't even like?  No thanks.  Chocolates when I don't have a sweet tooth?  That's alright, thanks again.  I'll store these negative calories and spend like a drunken sailor when I go to my favourite restaurants.  That keeps me happy. :D

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Almost a year ago

Too much info?  Who cares?

Too late?  Ada aku kisah?

The following recount was my experience giving birth.  It's still the most amazing thing I've ever done in my life.  But then again, my life ain't that exciting :p  However, typing this out and recording this is important to me.  I want to be able to re-live this over and over again (without the pain, of course).  THIS gave me Aedan.  My Mr A.

So, about a year ago....

Sempat posing.
I was admitted into hospital on the wee hours of 27 th Oct 2011.  Mom felt my contractions and decided it was time. It was about 4 am. A doctor checked my dilation and it was only 1cm.  I was admitted anyway.  

Btw, the dilation checks were damn painful.  Basically, they inserted two fingers into the cervix to measure the opening n check the softness of it. hurts like a hooey.

I spent the whole of next day not feeling much pain. lots of contractions, of course, but not much pain. This was Thursday.

Finally, on Friday morning, Dr Shahril, the big boss of OnG at Kajang Hospital, checked me himself and decided to induce me due to low amniotic fluid levels. He pushed a pill into my cervix and at the same time, stretched out the cervical opening. Ow Ow Ow.....

I was still feeling no pain.  I was swanning around the ward and made friends with my roommate.

Happy before the pain.
That Friday night, after the family came to visit me and after they had left at about 7.30pm, the labour pains started. I felt the contractions getting more and more painful. I also had the urge to vacate my bowels at least 5 times.  A check at around 10pm revealed that I was 4cm open.  I was checked into the labour room.

The pain became more and more intense. As it progressed I found myself losing all control and propriety.  I was happily wailing for all and sundry to hear.

The doctors kept coming in to check my dilation  At the same time, I was being prep-ped. My water bag was burst, with a giant knitting needle lookalike. The doctor also emptied my bladder by inserting a catheter, which was painful. Throughout these procedures, I was just moaning and crying out in pain.

I tried all methods to relieve the pain. I prayed. I thought of happy thoughts.  I curled up in foetal position and refused to be prised off the bed railings.  Finally, I asked for pain relief, which was unavailable....sad...I also mauled the nurse attending to me half to death. The checks on my cervical opening continued throughout.  The medical personnel finally left my side when they estimated that I had another hour or two to go.  

Quite suddenly, however, I felt the urge to push.  I gave a super loud wail and the nurses ran over to me.  The staff nurse exclaimed," Jalan dah buka! ". 

Four nurses surrounded me and coached me through the pushing.  The pain was in the contractions so I had absolutely no idea what was going on down there. I was aware that they were telling me not to lift my bottom lest my perineum tore.

Funnily enough, I was also busy admiring the shiny, gold jewellery this nurse was wearing.  I was thinking (through the pain) - "Eh, quite nice that design."

I also had a very vague recollection of the doctor performing the epiostomy, but the contraction pain was greater so I didn't feel a thing.  I saw the scissors, though!

I was pushing through my third round of contractions when suddenly I felt something give and I saw, from between my legs, Aedan shooting out like a tiny rocket.  The nurse was caught off guard and he actually rolled one turn on the landing strip.  I caught a glimpse of him and my first thought was, "Gosh, he looks like Kean Ghee!" 

The nurses whisked him away and started to prepare me for the placenta's exit.  Just a little pushing.  Quite suddenly, they placed him on my chest - he'd been wiped down, but there were still little bits of red goo in his hair.  He was squirming lightly and I affirmed he was a little boy with 10 fingers and 10 toes.  LOL

Then, as quickly as he was put on me, he was taken away again.  I was put in stirrups and the sewing started.  My legs were still wobbly and the force of childbirth superpowers were still strong with me.  I didn't feel a thing and concentrated only on talking to the doctor doing the sew-up.

After that, I was allowed to go back to my bed and I began BF-ing Aedan - who seemed voraciously hungry.  He was so enthusiastic, he drew blood.  It hurt like crazy, but I was too overwhelmed mesmerised by his cuteness to care.  The lil barracuda had his way until I came to my senses the next morning.  By then, I was sore and bleeding.  

However, there was no ill-feeling.  All was well.

Aedan had his first pee n poop quickly and we were cleared to go home by 12pm the next day.

That was The Beginning. 

Friday, September 28, 2012


I can't believe I went for this long without blogging.

Well, what can I say,

First came baby........then goes all things sane.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


According to the calendar, I'm due in 20++ days.

I'm scared.

I can't even begin to imagine the pain, the pain and oh yes, ...... the pain.

I've got a really low pain threshold - I'm a total baby when it comes to pain.

ARGH! PLease let me have an easy delivery.... :S scared....

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hard as a Rock

I used to look at pregnant bellies of friends and wonder how it felt carrying a water balloon the size of a watermelon 24-hours a day strapped to their mid-sections.

Now I know.

In case you don't, well, the belly feels more like a rock than anything else. It feels stretched, tense and unyielding. Sometimes it's bumpy and uneven too! I've had my belly in a bundt - cake shape (indent in the middle) in a bum shape (two bumps, left and right) and of course the classic torpedo (sharp bump). So no, the pregnant belly isn't just round - Freaky.

Speaking of freaky...

Ta -dah! Pig-trotters anyone?

This is what my feet look like nowadays. Edema, they call it. Basically it's water retention. THIS makes me feel like I'm walking around with a pillow strapped to my feet - very bad for balance. Especially now that I'm 70kgs balancing on size 5 feet. Centre of gravity calculation, physicists?

Neways, have only decided to blog due to restlessness and insomnia. Need to go back to bed now. It's Sambutan Hari Kokurikulum at school tomorrow and I'm on duty. Let's hope I find Sleep and it doesn't put up a fight.