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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

First Post

Today is Tuesday, 30th September 2008.

It is 2.30pm.

I find it strangely unsettling that this year is whizzing by so fast. It's whipping past me so quickly that, good heavens, my body, mind and soul simply cannot keep up!

My mind tells me that yes, the calendar and clock are correct. It IS already the end of September. And yes, the kids will soon be sitting for their year-end exams. Of course, you (I) will have to finish marking ALL those essays you set for them. Oh, and don't forget to

1) fill in their kad 001/personalia
2) complete their file ULBS
3) fill in their headcount cards .................... all educational jargon, if you ask me.....

My body is simply furious with me. It's probably screaming, "BUT IT CAN"T BE THE END OF THE YEAR!!!! You promised me that there will be time to lose all this excess weight you've added to ME! BABI!" Sigh, my own physical being has chosen to curse me using that derogatory reference to a pig. How, oh how will I manage to look even halfway passable in my nuptial photographs?!?!?

Plus, I have been suffering heavy defeats in the battle against dermatological evils, which have been waging holy war on my face since puberty. Their allies, stress and junk (re:comfort) food have not been kind to me. Urgh. I've decided that the time for half-measures are over. I'm taking the plunge to engage the services of professionals - in the process, I see thousands of ringgit as collateral damage. Double urgh. Look below for photographic evidence....

Last, but certainly not least, my soul cries out for nourishment. I am already another year older. But I don't feel as if my spiritual self has grown much. My faith, still, is there. However, I feel that I am being more casual and tolerant of my religious misdemeanors. I sometimes it true that as we grow older, the same amount of faith that we had as children will not be enough to sustain our adult selves? I think I need to pray ... and be prayed for *hint hint :p

ANYHOO....sobriety over now. Let's move on to more frivolous and fun topics.

For example, marriages and the like! This year's seen/seeing its share of marriages among many of my friends and acquaintances. The girlies include: Sharon (27th Dec), Daphne (Dec), Sal, Sue Lynn, Vysia and Esther!!! Of course, there are probably a few more whom I've left out, but surely, they'll forgive me? :p

CONGRATULATIONS everyone! And, please don't forget to upload plenty of photographs and anecdotes from your special days into Facebook (I sound like an ad, yea?).

Kean Ghee and I have been having quite a lot of fun running around on weekends - doing stuff that we normally wouldn't do. For example, house-hunting. It's for fun and knowledge of the market more than anything else (shhh, don't tell the nice real-estate people or housing loan bankers!). Never, ever had I realised that looking at show-houses and walking on latrite earth in heels would be so ... fun :p. HAd more than a few trips and stumbles, though. All I can say is, the housing industry in JB seems to developing in all directions, and really... the shopaholicy person that I am, can't resist plonking down some money to own some of the more gorgeous pieces of real-estate we've seen. Though we're both very attached to the Klang Valley.... never say never.

House model: Caryota Zest, by Setia homes (pic taken off their website). This house was beautiful!!! Wished I could afford it :p.

We've also been going to the market...the WET market. HAhaha - close friends of mine will know that I totally abhor going to wet markets. I never seem to own a pair of slippers that don't slip on the wet market floor or know how to haggle for a head of broccoli or buy meat. So far, I've managed to only venture to the dried produce and the vege sections. My meat comes from either the supermarket or from home (Kajang). Hahaha - maybe I'll have enough courage to buy meat off the chopping block soon, but meantime, I'm happy :D.

Well, I guess that's about it for my first post. I'm not exactly a virgin blogger, but it's been awhile. And, I'm creating this blog under the same reasons why I had my previous blog; to keep in touch with the darling family and friends. In many ways, I feel so remote to everyone that I hold dear, so the net and this blog will once again be my platform for expressing my views, making important announcements, delivering updates and bla bla bla :D.

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Glynn said...

LOOOOOL..... once again, the aunty is blogging!! amazing.. u shud ask KG to write something too! =P

Sha said...


Very nice to have you blogging again :)) I want to hear ALL about the preparations for the big day.

Kudos for starting so early!

ahseng said...

i want that house toooooooooooooo

Rosalynn said...

me writing no no.... me write... u wan me show..... me will SHOW!!! U savvy?

Rosalynn said...

That was KG in the previous comment - jst so that everyone knows.