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Sunday, October 5, 2008

The day before...

*Insert hysterical Raving Rabbid AHHHHHHH*

By the way, I'm a big fan of Rayman's Raving Rabbids - do check out the link here. And oh, here's a pic of a rabbid :) Isn't it adorable in a strange sort of way?
Tomorrow's the day I have been dreading since two Fridays ago - it's the start of another school session (3-week session :p). Oh noooooooooo!

:D Do let me clarify - it's not like I hate school. Quite the opposite really - I love school. When I'm in school - full-swing - I am more than ready to stay back everyday till 5pm. But my
laziness DOES get the better of me once in a while. Case in point - having to go back to school after a blissful 9-day hol.

I think I once proclaimed myself as THE
creature of habit. Once I get into a routine, I am loathe to change for another. My previous week's routine went something like this:

1. Wake up. Wash up. Go online. 2. While clicking away, pour myself some cold milk and cereal. 3. While watching ANTM/Project Runway on Youtube, eat slightly softened cereal. 4. Go have a shower/bath. 5. Play with random stuff like make-up/hairdryer/camera. 6. Read/stalk/research forums for utter frivolity's sake (beauty/wedding/relationship). 7. Cook and have lunch while multi-tasking. 8. RAndom random activities (ie play Wii, watch a movie, read mags. mark books). 9. Cook dinner. 10. HAve dinner, play Wii, watch a movie with KG. Sleep.


All good things must come to an end though, and I guess I'm considered lucky for being able to go back to a job that I actually enjoy. I can't imagine how poor sods, who hate their jobs, who'd also had a week-long holiday, must be feeling today. Well, let me self-ganbatte and say:

Let us do our best!

In the past week, I have done several things with regards to taking care of myself physically. First off, my muka :) For the longest time, I've contemplated starting a course of facials etc etc. Adolescence and stubborn genes have given me quite a scar-y (pun intended) face. I told myself, when I started this whole wedding rigmarole (:p), that I should really invest more effort in my face, so I've taken the plunge and have signed up for a course of ST-Peel facials. Don't worry if it doesn't mean anything to you - it doesn't to me either.

All I know is, it is involves some microdermabrasion technology. That means they sorta blast some crystal powder using some suctiony thingy on my face surface. This will result in a mild abrasion of the skin layer so that I can have newer, clearer and more glowy skin! Hahaha - how's that for layman's term? If you are curious and wanna know more - here's my wikipedia reference @-->--

The second thing that I've been up to, is to try to reduce the back-fat that I have on my...uh, back. FYI, it's the area between my arm and my bra-strap. When I had a sample fitting at a bridal house recently, I was thoroughly freaked out by the unsightly flesh ...erm, I need a verb here....oozing? squishing? hanging over?...anyway, you get the idea, from over the top of the dress. Here's a bod MSPAint drawing of what I mean:

So, what to do? What to do? I couldn't really think of any exercise that targets that area, so here I am, using the UZap from OSIM. Lol - I am desperate, ok? Let's hope it works!

This thing itches like madddd!

Ok, ok. Kean Ghee is bugging for me to go cook dinner. But since I uploaded this picture before he woke up, I think I need to mention this one last thing :


Look, one side is larger than the other! It's a bitch to put make-up on!!!! Nevermind-la, uneven eyes still better than non-existent eyes (glares at KG).

ps : I'm needling him so much, I think he might come up with a retaliatory blog soon ..... NOT!

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