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Thursday, October 16, 2008

I am outing myself. Ps "Deal or No-Deal"

I paid a visit to Sawi's blog just a while ago and I was inspired to post this up. Sawi calls me a housewife wannabie - oh how true :D

I think I discovered my true calling of being a 'tai tai' very early on in life. It exasperated my teachers no end when I told them that I wanted to be a housewife. I voiced this vocation more strongly when I was in Form 6 – I told everybody who was in hearing range that I was a “siew lui yan” (small lady) and I just wanted to get married, be doted upon and have a home for me to decorate. I incurred the wrath of many a feminists I can tell you :p

ANYWAYYYYYYYYYYYYY….about a decade later, here I am, a secondary school teacher spending her days teaching and gossiping away on subjects like Tupperware (hahaha), baby showers, bridal showers, facial products, gold and the like. Now, bfore you label me as one of those cikgu-yg-sibuk-baca-katalog-je…I plead innocence. In fact, I’m mostly working at my desk. I only switch on my ‘tai-tai’ mode at about 2.30pm – after wok hours.

C’mon, lawyers, doctors, bankers and wankers everyone else have their own ways of letting their hair down right? You know the drill; nice dinner n drinks, partying till dawn, abuse of substances (hehehe)…. So, I have my own – to shop/chat/blog about ‘tai-tai’ stuff. Do not judge me :p

On to my extremely tai-tai post: You have been warned.

There is an electrical appliance out there that looks like your normal, everyday blender, but functions like God's gift to people on liquid diets.

The demonstrater, who was in my staffroom today, seduced me with the word, "Magic Show". I blur-ly drifted over to the demo table (aka my absent colleague's desktop). Dude showed us a cup of pearl barley, some rock sugar pieces and hot water. He dumped everything into the blender and switched it on.

He explained (shouted actually) over the noise of the loudly-whirring MACHINE (yes, it is THAT imposing to moi) that with this baby, you will never have to wait ages for barley drinks/sorbets/yoghurt/ icecream/ smoothies. It will only take minutes! You can also use it for cake or cookie mixtures/ soups/ etc etc.

The magic happens because the blending thingies (blades?) inside are blunt, not sharp and run at 1200 rpms – I was techno blind at this point, but I get it that he thinks it’s really fast – issit? Bla bla bla and I wondered why he wasn’t spilling yet - the numero uno info – the essence of his entire sales spiel.

Anyway, quite suddenly, the whirring stopped and he pronounced the barley drink ready. Some teachers had cups-awaiting, so they tried the barley drink. They all agreed that it was super-smooth and nice and all….but I was only waiting for one thing – THE PRICE GODAMNIT! Whenever I shop, it’s always price first, everything else later.

I have a parable for it must be so.

Say someone offers to sell me a Porche for cheap. It’s the latest on the market, limited edition and etc etc. The selling price is RM100k. To many people, that would be spare-change, chance-of-a-lifetime kind of situation. However, even if it was considered ‘cheap’ I still wouldn’t be able to afford it, right?

It was the same for this super-blender. It costs RM1100. Hardly an arm or a leg, but I don’t have the spare cash – so it’s no deal for me. Kinda sad, though, I’d already began imagining all the culinary greatness I’d whip up with it. I was already imagining Jamie Oliver’s delicious tomato soup – steaming hot in bowls, served with crusty bread and a knob of butter.

Isn’t it nice to dream?

I originally had a picture here of a scrumptious -looking tomato soup set. But I removed it coz I didn't want to be violating any WWW regulations of ripping off people's pics. This is thanks to the brainwashing, ahem, education during my Tech and Lit course back in uni. So, instead of nanti kena saman by some angry blogger, I'll link it here instead. CLICK HERE for the pretty, pretty pic.


ahseng said...

Culinary greatness !!

daphneh jellehbelleh said...

everyday im in the staffroom i get bugged by credit card sellers,insurance agents, etc looking for the penolong kanan coz im sitting nearest to the main door,and therefore people think im a receptionist.btw hello hosey!

Rosalynn said...

Seng - What, u think I cannot cook ijit?

Daph - I know what u mean! HAhaha

Cursebreaker said...

That blender cost RM199!!!

Cursebreaker said...

that blender cost RM199!!!