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Sunday, October 12, 2008

I *heart EDM

The past week has been quite the challenging one! Ten months down my otherwise self-satisfying and happyjob, I have met yet another Waterlooo and have darkened yet another box in my seemingly checkered career.

Nevermind, past's past and I can't wait to share my latest obsession and love interest.

No, not this one....this one's old news :p

How about these instead:

Mineral make-up. Pure and BEAUTIFUL! Note the Baby Kabuki brush on the right hand side? It really is the softest cutest thing I've ever seen! Lol - and it being only 1-2 inches long, I really can't help but think of Hedwig!!!!! :p

OKOK - Check out these close-ups of my new make-up haul!

Different shades for me to mix n match. I have really uneven skin tones, so I've been playing around with these A LOT! The great thing is, mineral make-up is supposedly good for your skin (contains natural SPF properties, won't clog your skin, no artificial chemical gunk etc), so it's not been harsh on my skin at all :).

These are the two sample concealers I have. I still have a bit of problem blending them in to cover up my eye-luggage - but I get I'd probably need something that crosses out dark (brownish-grey) and take into account my yellow undertones. Any suggestions?

These are bronzers - I got the start to finish 'soft bronze' after reading abt how you can use it as both a primer and also a finisher to set your make-up. I knew I needed a primer anyway, and this product truly lives up to its reputation! I love it.

The 'red' bronzer, though, was an honest mistake. IT DID NOT LOOK SO STRONG IN THE WEBSITE! Furthermore, it's terribly pigmented, so when I brushed it onto my contour lines - I looked like Mars - complete with craters and all!

The Corner Office blush is possibly my favourite, favourite item from the collection. The colour's just right and it's infused with specks of miniscule sparklies!!!!! AWESOME! The B&B blush (on the right) is more peachy in colour and contains gold sparklies. Though it's too goddamned pigmented to use as a blush normally, when I do use just the teeniest amount; it gives me this sun-kissed look - which is really quite nice, but just not too me :p.

This is the single eye colour I got. I wantd to try it out because I'd read that mineral make-up tend to be more pigmented. It's true! I love this colour - and the sparkles are really natural looking. I'm not really if I'm working the product properly, but I swear, I will learn to!


This is an example of my EDM-ed face. This photo has NOT been Photo-shopped at al, plus I'd just had a gargantuan banana leaf rice combo right before. See how my face's not so oily and my pores not so besar? heheheh Actually, I've not gotten the formula right yet, so I still need a bit of experimenting : I FEEL LIKE A SCIENTIST (the nerd in me rejoices!) Plus, the eye part was a mistake - I tried using the bronzer/B&B as eyeshadow.

While I was camwhoring in the car - KG was sent to retrieve our daily drinking water - from those God-sent RO water dispensers. I'm not quite sure if it's safe for us to drink it the way we do - so if someone hears of anything, do let me know, k?

KG's not too happy at being the slave muahahahaha :p.

Oh, and another spot of randomness. We met up with Sunny for dinner and drinks. Diane was hankering for some Hainanese chicken chop, so we ventured into Jln Dhoby for dinner at It Roo. This place is the last word in comfort food. Unpretentious, homey and situated on an old. old street known for its Commisioner of Oaths outlets by day and Tranny-heaven by night, It Roo's a great place for no-fuss yumms.

The facade of It Roo is pretty simple. Just like any other kopitiam (stated out as one) with airconditioning. The inside's decored with various memoribilia from its past. A pretty old establishment, this. KG, Sunny and Diane all had chicken chops while I nibbled a bit off Kg's plate. I, you see, was waiting for stg else :p.

This is the three of us perching on the comfy comfy seats at Roost. I had my favourite Beef noodles here - yummos! And we lepak-ed for quite a while before we said goodbye and goodnight. It was great fun going out with great friends - and we even managed to score some info about a pre-luved market going on at shhhhh! The Zone - next weekend! MUST GOOOO, Diane!!!!!

Also, I tried on this faux leather jacket and fell in love.... must think about how to get it! :) Hanic, Daphne and Doreen, my loves...if you ever come down to Johore - this is THE place I will bring you to. And I promise you - you will love it! Hanic - you'll love the old French music and clothes that fit your style here (there's a small boutique upstairs). Daphne, you'll love the cool retro sunnies they have here. Doreen - I think you may just find the cool accessories and bags tp your liking. And darlings -ambience, ambience, ambience!!! :) You girls must come!

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