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Thursday, October 30, 2008

MAKE UP = stuff of the Gods (almost :p)

Oh wow. Last weekend, in the midst of Deepavali flurries I managed to squeeze in a trial make-up session with Gene.

The girl is the cutest thing ever and professional to a tee.

Because the experience was so fun and pleasurable, I can't help myself but to do an entire post about it! Hahaha - anyway, I just got some of the before/after pics from Gene and though I'd let you guys see it.

Comments and judgements extremely welcome
(not often you see that line in a blog, huh?)

Okay, let's take a look at the first picture - the BEFORE

As you can see, I've edited out the eyes - why? Because they looked bad. They looked soooo bad, even the Ultraman-wannabe (with pupils) eyes in the edited pic look better than the originals. I'm not sure why, but I had the weirdest, most hooded, eye-baggiest eyes I'd ever seen on me.

Okay, I lied. I've seen worse and I'm sure many of you have seen me worse. But I'm hoping other Netizens have not, so .... blek!

Anyways, I'm not in total denial, so I labeled the major-est problems I have - eyebags, post-acne scars and dry, very unkissable lips.

Overall verdict: BAD :(

Then came Gene's fairy godmother make-up brushes....She first experimented with loads of double-lid tape. I have truly Asian eyes - no double lids. In fact, mine are a little hooded - which makes them lack single-lidded charms - yes, there is a difference! Gene had to twiddle and fiddle with the tapes before she finally got them to sit right and balanced.

However, when she attached the falsies, they became unbalanced again! ARGHHHH I have a theory that it's my left-lid that's 'swallowed' more of the tape while the right-lid didn't tuck away enough. That's because my eyes are naturally uneven - one is more hooded that the other.

Neways, if at this point you are totally WTF and lost, fear not - just look at the illustrations below:

Of course, Gene assured me that they could be fixed and that she'd take note of that. Actually, she used those words exactly, "I will take note of that". Hahahaha - tickled me when I heard her say it - so pro. Nevertheless, my wedding being roughly a year away, I think I'd better take note of it too and remind her :p Not that I have no faith in your memory, Gene :p.

Ultimately, she gave me two looks:

a) The Day look - where I requested to look fresh, radiant and bride-going-to-church-y.

b) The Night look - where she gave me smoky eyes w/o any prompting from me. I think she reads minds :) I quite like it - especially since it also automatically corrects my eye-lid problems.

I was quite happy with both the outcomes, so I confirmed my booking on the spot. After that, Gene showed me how to take all those industrial-grade make-up off using a cleansing oil formula. I was so blur and sua-ku :P

Much love, Gene!

So, what do you guys think? Please - comments are DEMANDED this time!


Adeline said...

very good make-up lar.. the last pic esp. you look damn different.. then again, you're my super hot god-sis kan? :) but yea, me think you'll look gorgeous!!

Lady V said...

Second picture looks stunning! Looks like you but different in a fab way. Can't put a finger on whats different though, maybe hair? All I know is, wow!

Amy Kong said...

You look absolutely gorgeous in both pics...glad to hear that you have a date set and ready to walk down the aisle next year!

Amy Kong said...

oh yeah forgot to mention this...don't forget to invite us although we are all the way in Melb (no shame...)

Rosalynn said...

Ade: Eyyy, thanks for the comments - it's what I needed - to put things into perspective marrrr. I hope a zit doesn't suddenly pop outta nowhere at that time. Given my dermatological history....

Vysia: Oiiii! Hehe - thanks, I think the second pic makes me look more perky and less 'sleepy'. Mysteries of make-up!

Amy: Girlieeeee, you HAVE to come back! Gave you a pretty long lead time, right???? I will definitely send u an invite :D

Elizabeth P said...

Don't forget me too...from the freezing cold mountains of Scotland. Tho' I really found your removed eyeballs very disturbing! The make up looks great tho'! =)

Rosalynn said...

Hehehe - Okay ELi!

I will send - then you must come back! HAHAHHAA funnnnn

Amy Kong said...

Hey Rose, will try our best to come back. Will not want to miss your big day especially since you are one of the first friends that I can remember (hmm when our age was only a single low digit :P)
Excited for you!! Post lots of pics and stories of your preparations. Need any help from here please ask..

Diana said...

One word: H-O-T!!!!
Second pic was awesome! Get heaps of tissue ready for that big day, expecting to be super emo with tears/ salivating that day seeing his gorgeous bride! =D
19.9.09 hahahaha..... u just want to make sure we remember the date, kan?! :)