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Thursday, November 20, 2008

A picture blog :p Ciplaked off my sis' blog.

Ahhhh, a picture says a thousand words...but since I'm plagued by this English-teacher occupational disease of I-cant-shut-up, I'm going to post lengthy descriptions to each pic.  Blek.

1. A picture of you at the most unique environment.

Describe the environment.

 a) I loveeee Penang in all its glorious-ness! This was taken early last year when I went traipsing around the old city centre with KG. We were at Khoo Kongsi; a super hebat clanhouse dedicated to the Khoo Clansmen/ship. Visit here for more info. Btw, I think it’s pretty unique coz this clanhouse is enveloped entirely in a maze of shophouses. I guess you could say it was pretty well-hidden; especially in the olden days where you didn’t have aerial spies or satellite maps.

b) Hehehe – actually this environment isn’t very unique at all. It’s at an underground carpark in Ipoh. However, having me, Hani’, Daphy and Doreen taking turns clambering up this unbalanced steel highseat while passerbys giggled and pointed made it quite the ‘unique’-est things I’d done :p

c) A pic of me, Daphy and Dharani in really, really unique situation!!!! Okay, it looks like we’re sitting in water, splashing and having fun. But wait! There’s more than meets the eye in this pic! We were actually in a net (the size of a kiddy swimming pool), being dragged behind a cruise-boat, in the Tasman Sea of the Pacific Ocean!!! We were out in deep waters and there were jellyfish and dolphins (and all sorts of sea creatures) right below/beside us. I’m not a risk/high-excitement type of person at all, but I’m mighty glad I went on this ride. The feel of sitting in sea water, with it rushing and washing all over you – is well, salty, cold and fun, fun, fun!

2. A picture of you somewhere you love.

Describe why you love that place.

a) Unit 30!!! This was the awesome-est place ever. An entertainment, food, sports and mahjong hub; all year long, all day long! Now, exact reasons for my loving this place:

1. I can get free meals here. No kidding. I need only to turn up and say, “I demand to be fed!”
2. Dinners are fun – averaging on 10 people every night. I only eat and help Azan (usually) wash up. I DO NOT have to cook! Muahahaha.
3. I can play as much mah jong as I want here. Plus, I have my sifus – Ai Ling and Mun Ye to guide me along.
4. I get to play with three game consoles (Xbox 360, PS2 and Nintendo Wii) and when I suck and can’t pass a stage, I get help from those who can – Seng Chee, Zaini or Shim.
5. I watch people play crazy games involving balls/slippers/Frisbees in the field out front. (spectator sport :P)

b) My homes away from homes. The pics in sepia are from my Macquarie Uni days while the ones in colour are the new Skudai ones . The difference between the two? Kean Ghee vs Geroffe. KG wins by a small margin

:p kekekeke

Btw, you’ll notice that my room in Skudai is less adorned with posters and the like – reason being: it’s a bitch to scrape blu-tack off the walls!!!! More pics below:

3. A picture of you with a person or people who mean(s) a lot to you.

Who is the person? What did that person did to you before?

a) My family. Awww. Picture taken right before I left for OZ.  I know I have a better pic somewhere - with Uncle Ravi, Aunt Karen and the cuzes!!!!  Shites, can't find it!!!!  But rest assured, I wuff wuff everyone; even when I'm mean and shitty to my siblings - tough love :p




b) From college girls to the cashmere mafia (almost) to the graduates.  It's been a long way.  My coursemates, housemates, roommates and sometimes bedmates :) They know all there is to know about me; sometimes it freaks me out how much they know! We are in love love love, but we’re (I’m) terrible at staying in touch :p Throughout our years together, we’ve had our share of ups and downs (mcm kisah cinta pulak) but six (or so) years of waking up, having meals, going to sleep and touching one another’s boobies have made us pretty much family. Miss you girlies!


c) My enam se-sampat gang! From the good ol days in KHS to the very present 2008; these are probably my oldest and dearest friends. We’ve gone on trips, done projects and been on wild goose chases. I’ve got them to thank for getting me and KG together, albeit indirectly. I’m glad we still make time for mamak whenever possible and though we haven’t had one session in a long, long time; it’s testimony to our friendship when we slip easily into long , detailed conversations even when we’ve not seen one another for eons.

Of course, I’d have loved to include THE FOUR (Sharon, Soke Hwooe, Seh Juen and myself) – but I’ve got no pic. Still, much love there :)


(Typical KG asking for food)

d) This person means the world to me. He is my pillow, my driver, my bag-carrier, my fellow dreamer and my best friend. Oh, and recently, he’s become my finance minister. I can’t believe it, I was previously several people’s (ie Hanic’s) financial deities!

4. A picture of you with your best smile.( Mouth closed.)

Were you posing or naturally smiling?

Actually, this was almost candid.  Hanic was high on an empty stomach and vodka, I was sick with worry (for her) and vodka.  Don't worry, things got better after the food.

5. A picture of you with your best smile.( Mouth opened. )

Why were you smiling?

I was genuinely tickled by the whole Mr and Mrs Smith stunt Doreen, Faisal and I were pulling, hence the smile-going-on-laughter look.  Unfortunately, Doreen and Faisal had their eyes half/closed.  That's why I cropped them out :p

6. A picture of you with lamest pose.

Give this picture a caption.

WTF is that shiny thing?

7. A picture of you with some soft toys.

What are you with?

Geroffe, meet my reader.  Reader, Geroffe.  Geroffe currently resides in a corner on my sis' bed.

Meet the multiple Isobels (or was it Isabel?) - graduation bears given to us by out OZ lecturers.  Currently resides on a shelf in our Kajang living room.

8. A candid picture of you with your friend(s).

Do you look good?

You think leh?


Oh, btw, I'd managed to dig up a really interesting photo.  For all thosee who know who Cliff (c/o Sharon) is and how he looks like, please take a look at the guy, second from the left.  Doesn't he look like a yougner version of Cliff Chew???

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