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Thursday, October 2, 2008

The RAYA holidays. . . .

Now, what have I been doing in the past coupla' days?

I was supposed to be:
  1. Marking essays.
  2. Marking essays.
  3. Marking essays.


I have been:
  1. Watching movies.
  2. Watching project runway Australia.
  3. Playing with make-up.
  4. Eating, eating, eating.
  5. Visiting showhouses.
  6. Spending a small fortune on body support devices (that's bras in English).

(Picture taken during an unexpected shooting exercise - hence the manicured nails).

Shoot me, just shoot me now. Insert *delusional, maniacal laughter*

Nevertheless, I am really excited about two movies I watched this week, so I shall talk about them for a bit here :).

The first movie was Farewell my Concubine. It stars the late Leslie Cheung and the very much alive Gong Li. Quoting my favourite website, Wikipedia, the movie is about:

" Farewell My Concubine explores the effect of China's turbulent political landscape during the mid-20th century on human lives. In this case, the lives are those of two Peking opera performers and the woman who comes between them."

The movie features strong visual imagery and solid, memorable acting from the entire cast. Just like my other favourite movies - Gladiator, Happy Together, Brokeback Mountain, Chunking Express and the like, this film has been on my mind since I watched it on Monday. I can't help myself from thinking and exploring the characters; what they did, what they said, how they looked and so on. I've been scouring IMDb's forum for this film for as many nuggets of information that I can, and I think I'm becoming quite

The second movie is Accuracy of Death. I watched this with KG yesterday and loved it! It manipulates the many facets of our emotions and at the very end, it leaves a very pleasant bittersweet feeling. As it's still running in the cinemas, I would strongly recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys Zen-like philosophical themes for their watching pleasure.

Oh yes, Takeshi Kaneshiro starred in this film and I believe he did a pretty good job of it. The movie features a light-hearted take on one of life's heaviest questions, death.

Besides that, I've been watching Project Runway Australia on Youtube. It's GREAT! Seriously. I reckon it's better than the current Project Runway US. Perhaps it's just me and my aesthetics, but I feel the designers in the Aussie version (this time) have much more interesting looks! Of course, my all-time favourite PR season is still the one with Christian S and Romi...hehehe.

Another reason why I luuurve PR Aussie is because there's a MALAYSIAN in it! And he does us prouuuuddd! He actually made it to the top FOUR! In all honesty, his brand of design isn't what I'd normally like, but it's great fun hearing all the other designers calling him a genius! Hehehe - a great boost to my Msian-ego (after being seriously deflated by the current political issues going on...seriously, when are we going to have POLITICALM???).

So, kudos to Lui Hon for making it so far...and for being such a Cantonese Zen-master. :)

And since I'm on the subject of fashion.... I think I'm becoming a make-up addict. Usually, I'm usually a eyeliner+lip gloss gal, but since Diane introduced me to Everyday Minerals, (EM) I've been finding more and more pleasure in playing with it! Owing to my acne scarring and the constant outbreaks (oxymoronic-nyerrr) that I STILL have, *sheesh, I'm 26!* I don't often put gunk on my face. However, I've fallen in love with the range from EM!!! EM offers free sample kits (five items - you only pay ber-belas RM for shipping) but even their non-sample stuff is kinda cheap - no harm in trying it out!

I got my first sample kit abt a month back. A couple of days back, I decided to get another (coz I wanted to try out a different foundation tone) and in the process, I also ordered a few other items!!! Wahhhh I'm so excited and I can't wait to get them! I''ll probably put up a post about EM when my stuff arrives :D *happy happy*.

Besides, I'd been researching make-up artists to engage for my wedding ceremony, so I've been really itching to experiment with colours on my own personal palette (re: face).

*At this point, I'd like to apologize for my fragmented writing, I'm malas...."

Ooooh, yesterday, KG and I went to Roost for dinner. What the hell is Roost, I hear many of you say. Well, save for a few people whom I've introduced the place to, I think Roost might just be one of JB's best kept secrets! It's a really cute, quirky, vintage-y place where I love to hang out and have a quick meal. Its owner is a graphic designer who spends most of his time fiddling with the music you hear in the restaurant (shifting between jazzy oldies, French noir pieces and post-rock/pop outfits like Sigur Ros). He leaves the actual running of the business to his family members and his able foreign help. They serve a bit of western, a bit of local fare - but my fave item here is the dry beef noodles....I don't know how to describe it, it's just really really good!

More about the owner - It's really odd/funny. You see this guy in his mid-20s, sitting in a glass-paneled area of the restaurant, clicking about on his laptop and switching between several media players obsessively....and he has this truly unruly mop of hair. The clincher to this tale is, his sister has recently opened up another portion of the restaurant space to make way for a hair salon - which is connected to his room!! I mean, his hair looked good about half a year back; right now, he really needs that haircut! And you know what? He ONLY ever comes down to the bar/kitchen area to get a bottle of beer and mumble something like, "Oi, some tables upstairs need cleaning" or "Hey, people upstairs want food."

*grin - I hope to God he never, ever reads this!

I can't really do justice to this place by describing it in words. Actually, my pictures aren't that great either. Nevertheless, I'll post up a few (taken yesterday and from my bro's blog) just to give you guys a feel of this awesome place.

Back in May, I think , with their menus :)

A Beautiful wall arty thing - very like Palette Palette!

KG and me on the floor area

The bar/order area - where they make yummy juices.

One of the many different sitting arrangements - love that wall feature.

Well, I guess that does it for this post. Nothing really groundbreaking, but I hope it gives the younger one at home an idea of what we've been doing here....nyehehehe.


ahseng said...

can u turn this into a food blog. i will be here all the time. hehe

Rosalynn said...

hahaha - maybe

and i'll post pics of my cooking experiments!

Anonymous said...

ka che!

u blog again! yeay~!

Rosalynn said...

Yes dear!

:)Let's see how rajin I am