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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Thinking, thinking, thinking - Gone.....

I was just watching an old-ish Chinese movie called "And I hate you so". It's a comedic take on the relationship between a radio deejay and a columnist.

I like the movie for a few reasons - I like it for the setting and the soundtrack.

Hong Kong is portrayed as a NY-like city in winter; cold, minus the snow. Girls mill around in (then) stylish turtle-necks, woolen tartan skirts and knee-length trenches; toting slim, long brollies and click-clacking away in ankle-boots. The men don jackets of various colours and textures; and are perpetually in jeans.

The protagonist is a female writer of a popular column. She writes articles published in a daily paper. At certain points in the movie, her articles are read aloud by the deejay. Although I am not entirely familiar with Chinese literature and language, I am able to appreciate the style of writing and I enjoy listening to the readings.

This is not a movie review - but watching this movie has made ponder about myself and my life. It's a cute story and ultimately, you'll discover that her life is a clutter-y, book-y, random-y mess. :) I like her life as a writer. I like Carrie Bradshaw's life as a writer. I'm not talking of the glamour or parties - but I like the freedom of the arts... :D

Sometimes I wonder - with a degree in English teaching and after having taken many English language subjects in uni - can I be a writer? At the moment, I don't think so. One of my favourite reads is Sawi's Facebook notes/Blogspot - now SHE's a great writer. It's always witty, interesting and above all - insightful. I don't think I think enough....or rather, deeply enough. Read my previous post and you'll see that I'm pretty shallow :p

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Well, enough ramblings about myself...let's talk about...other things about myself hahaha.

For all of you back home - who have not visited me before :( Here are some pics showing the place I live in now.

I am standing at the crossroads between the road to my school and the red brick road. From the outside, my school looks pretty nice, right? We're upgrading the fence to prevent the students from ponteng-ing.

This is the red-brick road leading to my home. It was a cloudy day when I took this, otherwise, it's usually glaringly bright here.

At the end of the red brick road, I cross this road to get home. The abandoned shophouses look terrible, right? So unappetizing.

This is the street that I live on. Many of my colleagues and students live on this street too - so paiseh :p


Okay, up next : My workplace aka school. Actually, just my cubicle la. I'm thankful that I work in a far nicer workspace than the ones my teachers had in Convent or High School :p New school mah.
This is MY extremely cluttered and messy cubicle. This is where I mark books, do paperwork and plan for my students' doom future.

A close up of the diabolical lair.

My kiddies' workbooks. Some I keep entirely with me so that they won't have a chance to 'lose' any or 'forget' or 'pinjam kawan'.

Daily reminders of my loved ones as well as a prayer - it's there some where - to guide my daily decision makings and problem solvings. This pictures fascinate my students no end - PLUS - they think Glynn is my elder sister nyeknyeknyek.

Alrighty - just wanted to post something today for no reason at all. KG's bugging me to go now, so here I go. Going, going, GONE.........


yattt said...

I love your writing!

Trishomachine. said...

And you have always been one of my fav reads too! =)
Btw, your workspace is ultramessy i.e very cikguish i.e samalah saya.

Sha said...

LOL. Glynn looks like your older sis??? Oh, now I've really heard it all.

Rosalynn said...

Yattt , why the three Ts?
:) Thanks for reading my random spews :)

Sawi - OMG, I have spring cleaned my cubicle THRICE this year - and I only moved here in May!

Sha - got read my reply or not?

Sha said...

Read already! And this is precisely why your students need you hahaha!