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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wedding Plans

The title of this post is : Wedding Plans.

That should give you an idea about the contents of this post~ such a concise intro :p

Yea. So KG and I are planning for the cliche-ed BIG DAY at the moment. I've heard and read of so many horror stories about wedding-planning that I feel like a veteran already :p. So instead of leaving things to the last minute - I'm starting small and I'm starting early. Also, I'll post reports here so people at home will always have the latest updates. Also, I wanna be able to look back and see what transpired on the road to wedding-dom.

Wedding Date

19 September 2009


It is a popularly misconstrued fact that I chose this date because of Chinese superstition reasons (19.09.09 – longevity of marriage). Actually, I chose this date to coincide with the Hari Raya holidays next year. Since government school teachers don’t get annual leaves (for a good reason la), I had to schedule the wedding around school hols. So yes – wedding in Kajang will be on the 19/09/09.

Okay, okay – I admit – the date does give me the thrills a bit. Also, I’d like to express my greatest gratitude to Fr George and Fr William (our parish priests) for allowing me to ‘book’ the church so early. Usually, couples have to go through and obtain the pre-marital course before they are allowed to do so.

But, as I explained to Fr George, because the date is a popular one, many other things (banquet, photographer, make-up artist, flowers bla bla bla) involved in the whole orchestration of the wedding need confirmation ASAP, so having the church wedding date confirmed has been an immense sigh of relief to me.

Wedding Mass

19 September 2009, 2.00pm,

At Holy Family Church Kajang


This is the church where I grew up. There are lots of ties that were formed here – throughout my life. When my family moved to Kajang when I was six, my dad and mom immediately registered with this church and we officially became ‘parishioners’. Then, I enrolled into the kindergarten (aka Tadika HFK) and Sunday school and I was a ‘student’. Later, I joined the Legionaries and also the Parish Youths – I was a ‘contributor’ (not a great one, but a little one). I’ve acted/danced/sung in quite a few of the Easter/Chirstmas plays held every year; I was a ‘performer’.

I love this church and its people. It always brings me great spiritual comfort and peace when I step into the beautiful physical white building. *smiles* In fact, I think HFC must have that particular effect on people – maybe God likes our church too :p – because six of my family members have been baptized here, and only one is my sibling.

The most recent was newly-baptised is Kean Ghee (2008). Only God knows how much I’ve prayed for him to receive the Grace, so it was really really special for me too. Yea, so I’m really happy that I’ll be able to have my wedding here. I can’t wait to hear Fr refer to Kean Ghee as Kenny G during his homily :p

Wedding Photographer

Jimmy Tian

(sample pic from site)


Jimmy was recommended to me by my dear friend Sharon, whose own wedding is on the 27 December 2008! He was also highly recommended by several forum members from MalaysiaBrides. I contacted Jimmy somewhere in August and he's been really pleasant to work with ... so far ... hehehe! I really like his photography style and his prices are competitive, so all's good. I'm in the midst of re-negotiating some stuff with him - so here's crossing my fingers and hoping it'll turn out well.

Wedding Make Up Artist

Gene Lim


I first heard of Gene's name at the MalaysiaBrides forum. I browsed through her portfolio online (click on the link above) and really loved her work on the many many brides. They all glowed and looked super super radiant. Hahaha - I wanna look like that too! Anyway, I contacted Gene soon after and also did further 'research' on her work. She turned out to be as pleasant as my 'research findings'! :)

(Me doing a Joker impersonation - thx to KG's insistence on the red lipstick)

During the past Deepavali weekend, I managed to arrange a trial session with her at her home in Ampang. KG and Glynn both accompanied me. The poor gal had an early session that morning and she apologised profusely for being 'just woken'. It was needless because she was super professional and friendly. She even threw in a mini doggie-show hahaha - very cute! Anyway, I've confirmed her participation in my wedding bandwagon and I look forward to seeing her again :)

(Dao-dao 'begging' - I cropped Gene out in case she was shy :p) that's about it for the wedding updates. KG and I went back to Kajang last weekend for Deepavali and we also took the chance to 'settle' a lot of these wedding-related business. I wished I could do a post on Deepavali, but since I have no pictures PLUS I left early - it's a no-show.

Sorry Sha, coz had to leave early n all. Mesh, if you read this:

HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY, cuz!!!!

Much love from me n KG.

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schnoobie said...

hi rosalynn! congratulations on picking a date and being one step closer to a new life :) i hope it all works out wonderfully for you; keep us updated!

- june :)

Trishomachine. said...

Reading this...makes me want to get married tooooooooooooooo!

(Dammit. Now have to save money.)

And ohhhh pray REAL hard things work out between me and The Man. Hahaha.

Rosalynn said...

Hey June, Hey Sawi!

Thanks babes for reading. I WILL keep it updated *crosses fingers*

Yes, Sawi! Get married soon! The process is as fun as it is infuriating! :p