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Thursday, November 20, 2008


I had a little birdie swoop down this morning to have a chat with me.

Little birdies often have much to say and this birdie said, "I can now answer the question.”

I asked, curiosity piqued, “What question…nay, which question?”

Birdie hopped onto my left shoulder, and chirped silently, conspiratorially, “The question of why teachers aren’t respected anymore. Slow down your pacing and look right.”

I slowed down and shifted my gaze rightwards.

Lo and behold! I see a sloth of an educator stretched out across a desk, asleep.

It wouldn’t be so bad if not for the fact that we were in the middle of the SPM examinations!


It was bad enough that I’ve heard/seen these slothies nodding off to sleep, reading, listening to hidden MP3 players etc etc. Now this one was blatantly, unashamedly, very obviously, having a mid-morning snooze in a roomful of SPM test-takers. Previously, I’d naively thought; what others do isn’t my business – I should mind my own – jaga kain sendiri, so to speak.

But in this case, it did affect me! Because, to my shame, I see student after student glance sideways/backways to catch a glimpse of the sleeping monster. I should be telling them off for looking around, but how was I to?

I, being of the same profession, had just lost all my credibility!!!! The kiddies were sniggering away and there was nothing I could do without drawing even more attention to the ‘event’.

Since no one else made a mention of it – reasons being “pot calling kettle black” scenario, I didn’t say anything. But it burns me not to walk over smack the offender senseless – then there’ll be a reason to lie down!

I’d recently read Linda’s note on Facebook (uninvited, but stalked all the same :p) about how some of her colleagues turned out to be bugs of the littering variety. I felt her frustration and shame. Yet, this virus is all around us! Brand new educators, who aren’t supposed to be jaded or cynics or wise guys; yet they’re out there and they bloody give the rest of us a bad name.

You know how it is, kerana nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga. The rest of us work hard to maintain a decent (I’m not even talking about saint-like) fa├žade and it gets torn down by these irresponsible people.

C’mon, I’m no saint. When given a chance to avoid a meeting I know to be boring and irrelevant, I’d jump on it. When given the choice of teaching better classes vs weaker classes, I make the obvious choice. I want to make life easier for myself. I like having it easy-going. I’m just as selfish and self-centred as everyone else. But for various moral, ethical and plain common sense reasons, I can’t be that way all the time!

At the end of the day, it’s not just about setting examples. It’s about showing students that we can do the right thing, hard though, it may be. It’s about gaining their respect and engaging them through it.

I may be neurotic about nitty-gritty stuff. I may be skema to the max.

But OMFKG, sleeping while invigilating? This should be a no-brainer!

Thanks, birdie.

*Note: The annoying thing is, I like these colleagues. They’re really nice people. Maybe they don’t realise the impact of their actions yet. Meanwhile, let me walk pass them – loudly!*

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Cursebreaker said...

Haha, that happened to me once too! But I think it was puasa month =p