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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Wishlist!!!!

Hahaha - to make it easier for everyone this year, I'm posting this Xmas wishlist. I love pressies and I'm actually one of those who enjoy cutesy stuff in my stocking. However, given the fact that I'm not living at home anymore and don't have much space to store stuff, Kean Ghee and I have come up with a list of stuff that we DO need and it reads a bit like a Salvation Army request list:


- Shampoo (Head & Shoulders – Dark Blue Bottle Type)

- Belt
- Canned Mushrooms/Tuna
- Facial Cleanser
- Car freshener


- Minced and sliced pork (hehehe)
- Facial cleanser (don’t wory abt brand as long as its for acne-prone skin)
- G’Soft ballpoint pens (blue and black only)

- Artline marker refills (for 500, 509, 550 WHITEBOARD markers)

- Pureen's Baby wipes

- Aloe vera gel

KG & Rosalynn:

Cash in sweetly penned Xmas cards (so we can put them up & gaze at them) –greatly preffered.

NOTE:  I know it's shameless and all - hehehe - but we thought that we should at least angle for some of the stuff we really will put to use.  Spread the word to th parental units (quoting Sha) as well, yea?

KissHugs and much Love

(I will NOT do the XOXO in case Glynn calls me a wannabeee :)

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