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Sunday, November 23, 2008

How do you say *Glynn*?

25th November 1991

I actually remember this day pretty well. I even remember the events that took place about 6 months earlier. It was when my father very casually announced to my grandma (within my earshot) that my mom was pregnant. I remember having a feeling of strange resentment. I wasn't very happy at that point with having a younger brother - Dominic (hehehe). And I thought I was just going to go bonkers with another younger sibling!

I know, so un-loving and un-sisterly of me.  I would have traded you for this tiger cub back then.

Anyway, I had a really turbulent relationship with Dom (till much much later :p) and in my weird twisted way, I went from hating the idea of having another sibling to wishing and praying with all my might that I'd have another brother - whom I was convinced would be the complete opposite of Dom and would then be worthy of loving. I could then pour all my sisterly love into this new kid and neglect my bro - that'd show him!

OMG, I was seriously a twisted kid. :p

Neways, when my dad took us out to buy cigars and we found out that it was because my mom had a little girl, I was sorely disappointed. I basically went, "Damn!" I don't know if anyone noticed, but I was sulking (to God, I didn't blame my parents) and moody the whole time we went out shopping. My dad loved us kids - so he was beaming ear to ear and told me about how baby girls meant cigars and baby boys meant doughnuts - for friends. I thought, "Huh! Baru born, sudah menghabiskan duit Daddy beli cigars. Doughnuts are much cheaper!" I was insufferably negative!

That was before I met her.

I remember the day Dad brought her home in a carry-basket. I couldn't help but marvel at the red little thing, bundled up in a really cute fleece blankie. I remember the blankie - square, pink-white with a built in hoodie! And I remember Glynn; she was the cutest thing with a dark, dark tuft of hair on her small head. Also, from then on - till this very day, I've had to struggle with enunciating and teaching people how to say her name. It's pronounce Gl-ee-n, not Gl-ain or Gl-en or whatever :p. And damnit, I still remember the person who told me it was too difficult and we should have called her Green....fie to (whoever)!

Dom was beside himself with a new sister and I....well, I gradually gave in to the whole cute-ness factor. It was hard not to - she was a really cute, sparkly-eyed, black-troll-like haired baby! Basically, from that point onwards, Glynn became the apple of our eyes. I remember Mom's first nickname for her - Gigi (coz of some random HK series on at that time). Aunt Helen would rush home every day to coo and play with her favourite niece. Grandma called her 'no toh' (she sometimes still does). Dad took pictures of her at every turn - and she made him smile whenever she did.

Dom and I would constantly be sniffing her (funnily, I still remember how she smells) and as she grew slightly older - we'd take turns propping her up with forts of pillows on each of her sides so that she could 'sit up'. We being much older than her - treated her like a doll, though not in a dress-uppy way.

OMG! I suddenly remember something darn scandalous! When she was a wee thing, I used to relish carrying and hugging her - naked!!! *Ahem, her, not me. It was because she was so small and squishy! Lol - I'd rub my face against her face and roll her around on her mattress. So cute! Of course, I can't do it to her anymore....except...hahaha - I still do! I'll make a grab at her and she'll scream "Pervert!!!" I swear, it's funny as hell :p. Ahh, the privilege of being the elder sis of a prude :p

Ok, ok, back to more moral, oops, normal stuff. I recall with utmost clarity that on certain evenings - I'd carry her out for a walk along our street. I was super delighted when she finally could speak/understand speech a little and could point out where our house was when I asked her. I was even happier when she grew older and I could take her to the playground - except that I stopped after a coupla days coz I got lazy.

It was also kinda strange - she had this thing where if I cried (I'm a big crybaby - AM still), she'd cry too and ask me not to cry because she'll cry. It was always kinda confusing in a roundabout way and I'd always end up stopping out of "errr-WTH-just-happened-ness".

Because our age gap was so big - Dom and I (by this time, we'd bonded fabulously) regularly sidelined her in all our plans. Glynn pointed this out in her blog. Hahaha. It's true, it was only when she'd grown up somewhat that she became part of what we now refer to as the Wong Siblings (?) :p

Yea- she stopped being a tattle-tale. She stopped being a nuisance. She became more fun and interesting as she grew older. And I think I can remember the year Dom and I allowed her to be part of our annual TOP SECRET XMas wrapping ritual. Plus, I think it was waaaay before she turned 14 (unlike what she'd claimed).  Random photo:


So Glynn (girl), how does it feel to read about these stuff? Betcha didn't know about some of the stuff I wrote here! Lol But gosh, I have to say (quoting you) - I'm really glad things turned out this way. Though I may be kinda strict and naggy with you - in hindsight, I'm really very very proud of you. In the few years that I'd been kinda away from home (my IPBA yrs), you'd grown up really quickly, matured really well and blossomed into this young woman - incidentally, whom I now can turn the tables on and manja with no end :p

You're really level-headed and grounded. Though outwardly I sometimes misunderstand you for being shallow, moody and bratty - I also think you take advice, cajolings and my long-winded reasonings very well. Yea, we fight and all that - wth - TOUGH LOVE, girl! Hahaha

You amaze me sometimes. It's just little things - like how you can chat with me about my wedding and actually give me good advice. Or how sometimes you can feign impatience with me when we're in Kajang town and I'm not familiar with something - but let me cling onto your arm while you drag me through it anyway. Or how you manage not to freak out when something goes wrong - so unlike me!

Oh gosh! I can't imagine I've written like, 3 paragraphs of good stuff about you! Damn - where did that come from!? Hahahaha

But yes, sigh, I do love my little sister. Because you're so much younger - I still think of you as little and I find it hard to adjust my mindset. So, be prepared, you'll always have me telling you what to do, how to do it and why do it. :p

I'm so sorry I haven't got any pics to go along with any of these. What to do, most of your younger pics are in the albums at home. So here's my bday wishes:

Happy Birthday, girl.

God Bless you with all His gifts all of your days.

I don't think I'd ever stop calling you girl - even when you're old and wrinkly. And yes, I'll always be here for you when you need me; I'll stop being a busybody when....well, actually, NEVER! ahahaha :D

Lastly, I just want to say : to Ah Ma, you'd always be 'no toh'. To Aunt Helen, you'll always be her fave niece. To Dad and Mom, their youngest and 'pou pui' daughter. To Koko, his sweetest younger sis.

To me, I'd always remember you as the kid who'd cry when I cried and who'd let me snuggle up to her when I slept at night. And oh, the smell of SunSilk in your hair :p




Carin said...

you are such a wonderful sis!!

if i were Glynn, i think i'll cry when i read this..:)

Rosalynn said...

Kakaka - that's my hidden aim, Carin!

Carin said...

the award for the BEST sis goes to.....~~~~ ROSALYNN WONG!!! (applause!!)

floriferous said...

hey rosalynn, jus droppin by..hehe
wth need glynn to read to cry la..i read aso can tear d...=/
a very nice n well written post..indeed..

ps: glynn u shud thank ur sis n let her do wateva she's done n been doin to u until u grow old..hahaha..
(u're welcome rosalynn..=P)

Rosalynn said...

HAhahaha - well-said, Flo!