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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Old people....

I'm being politically-inaccurate today. I won't be using euphemisms like 'mature' or 'senior'....I'll be calling old people what they really are - old.

I mean, I'm growing older day by day and there's going to be a day when I wake up and find myself bona fide - ly OLD, so why deny it :p? I don't think that it's disrespectful or anything.

Anyway, I was having some thoughts on the subject of old people love. We of the younger generation usually cringe when we think of old people *ahem* relationships. God forbid if we ever think about old people sex and we often choose to ignore all physical forms of affection old people exhibit.

For us Asians, it's an even stronger form of denial. We respect our elders and love them. We are filial and understanding. However, if you happen to ask anyone to nominate a romantic couple - I doubt they'd equate romance to an old pair of lovebirds.

Of late, I've been confronted with many old couples. Their relationships and the way they express their love for each other really warms my heart. I would like nothing more than to grow old in love like they have. Some of these couples are fictional, some of them are real people I see around me...but they inspire me all the same.

I've been avidly watching 2 really good HK dramas: Greed of Heart (The Abalone show) and Moonlight Resonance (The Mooncake show). In both shows, the same pair of actor and actress play the roles a of husband-wife couple. They go through various difficulties but always end up together. Old people love - very cute.

Pic taken from Astro's website. Visit it for more details.

Also this morning, I watched the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy. One of the featured stories this week was about an old couple. The wife, Rosemary, has a brain tumor but refuses to live it out. She opts to undergo surgery and even signs a DNR (do not resuscitate) form, so if it's her time, she'll go and not be on life-support.

The most touching scene was when she kissed her husband after signing the papers. She says goodbye sweetly and her husband, this old liver-spotted uncle, kisses her wrinkly old face. Then, he explains to the doctors that they do this every time she goes in for an operation. When she wakes up after the surgery, they'd say hello. They choose to acknowledge the risks of the surgery, keep the worst in mind, yet still hold some hope for what's to come. I found it really really sweet and sad at the same time.

In the end, she died....though the husband was there with her when she signed the DNR forms - he couldn't let her go. I was thinking to my self, "Of course!!! It's easy to say I'll let go when the time comes but when you're there and your beloved is slipping away, won't you fight tooth, claw and nail to drag him/her back?" It's only natural after all.

Also, a couple of months back, Diane gave me a photograph. She said it would be more meaningful for me n KG than it was for her. I'm not sure if that's true, but I certainly love it very much. Thanks Diane :)

I wanna grow old loving, loved and in love.
Wish me luck.

ps Today is my Joey ko-ko's wedding!!! He's my Godma's son and I've known him all my life! So though I can't be there today - here's wishing him "Bak Niin Hou Hup"!!!

ps2: Disclaimer: Grey's Anatomy pics are not mine and belong entirely ABC.

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