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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sleepless days and sleepless nights...

I'm a sometimes-insomniac.

I go through certain days where I just can't sleep. Case in point: Tonight.

It really sucks especially because I know I'll be in for a loooong day of invigilating tomorrow!!! I need the sleep!!! God, are you listening here?? :p Sacrilegious, I know.

Ever since Kean Ghee's moved in with me, I've been sleeping really early each night. We actually go to bed at about 10pm most nights!!!! This is a far cry from my usual 12-1am bedtime. However, when he goes to sleep, I have little option for anything else. I can't do anything that might wake him up (ie involving lights or sound).

In fact, I had to lie in bed for about an hour just now so that he's entered into his deep sleep stage before stealthily switching on the PC and coming online. Now, I'm typing very,very softly so he won't hear the tippy tappy sounds of my (oops, Dom's) keyboard!

Hahaha - this is a completely random post. I simply can't sleep and am hoping to exhaust myself... Any of you out there with good sleeping tips/remedies?

Well, okay. Umm, maybe I should do something more mundane. This blogging thing is totally stimulating me instead. I need to be counter-productive now!


Cursebreaker said...

Haha, yes! My keyboard!!! Take good care of it =p

Carin said...

wish i could give u some tips but i'm insomniac as well..haha
so if u have tips, i'll need some too..

Rosalynn said...

hope tonight will be better... :(