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Thursday, November 27, 2008

What kind of bride do you want to be?

In planning the wedding, I'm discovering that a wedding is pretty much all about the bride.

Jassy, my SA (sales assistant) pronounced this to be true as she wriggled me in and out of wedding dresses. Kean Ghee nodded furiously in agreement as he is constantly nudged aside in our wedding decisions :p

It's funny, but with weddings getting more and more elaborate - often on a superficial level - more and more things are expected. About 10 years ago, no one really cared about wedding photography except to produce one 'chong tau seong' (wedding portrait) and an album of photos from the actual day events.

Nowadays, not only people go crazy over getting the perfect wedding's also about getting the perfect pre-wedding photoshoot, the perfect actual day photography, the perfect wedding slideshow, the perfect wedding cake, the perfect wedding gown, the perfect wedding venue, the perfect wedding favours etc etc.

I can’t deny it – I’m getting in on the act as well…it’s so darn fun! Although my budget disagrees somewhat, I’m trying to work around it :p

Neways, todays’ post is about my pre-wedding photoshoot. Before we went on a physical hunt for our perfect bridal studio/shop, I actually went online ( to be exact, to do some research.

At first, it was all a blur to me! I was like, wth with all these codes (lemme share):

BS = Bridal Studio/Shop
SA = Sales Assistant
MUA = Make up artist
AD = Actual Day
PG = Photographer
OD/ID PS = Outdoor/Indoor Photoshoot
WG = wedding gown
EG = evening gown

The list goes on. Seriously, I’ve only put up a tiny tiny range of acronyms that you’d need to master before surfing through the forums! Hahahaha – coded msgs.

The first decision I had to make was: JB or KL?

After a thorough reading into what makes a pre-wedding photoshoot and how long it would take from photoshoot to album, I decided to do it here in JB.

You see (as I saw), these are the conventional steps to procuring that perfect pre-wedding wedding album you’ve always wanted:
  1. Choose a BS, negotiate with the SA like hell to get what you want with the price tag you want. Then, pay a deposit upfront.
  2. Go back about a month before you want your photoshoot to take place to try on gowns. Select WGs and EGs for your OD and ID PSs. Pay a second instalment.
  3. PS Day! Depending on the packages you take – this event can last anywhere from one day to several days. Some people opt to have their PS overseas. Taiwan and HK are the current faves.
  4. Return to BS about a month after PS. Select pictures to be included in your album. (Though the PG may take 1000++ of pictures of you during the PS, you get to choose only 20++ (on an average). Top-ups of pictures will usually cost you about 75 bux a pop. Crazy, I know.)
  5. Repeat step 4 about two more times.
  6. BS will call you upon completion of photo album (including touch-ups, photoshop-ing, special effects, etc) which will take about 4 months after the PS. Go retrieve your album and pay final instalment.

Say it…. Say it now…. Say…”OH MY GAWD!” Yea – it’s pretty sick, eh?

Thus, for travelling constraints reasons; I chose JB.

The second decision I had to make was: Which BS?

A colleague who’d gotten married recently advised me to shop around carefully because there were approximately 300 BSs in JB alone.

300 ?!?!

What the??? Apparently, it was to cater to Singaporean customers who very often had their photoshoots done in JB. Ahhhh…mystery solved.

To cut the long story short, KG totally ignored her advice (and my protests) and settled for the 2nd shop we entered. Granted, I was pretty impressed with the overall vibe I got from the BS. The SA, was Cantonese-speaking (a rarity in JB), and was real smooth in her sales pitch. She showed us album after album; no mean feat as each one probably weighed at least 3 kgs.

Before we’d even confirmed anything, she invited us upstairs (to the VIP gowns collection, supposedly) and made me try on a few gowns. When I say “made me”, that’s exactly what I mean. She shoved me face-first into a whole rack of beautiful, beautiful WGs and dragged me into the fitting room. She helped remove my clothes and stuffed me - boobs, butts and thighs – into about 4/5 gowns. I was smitten.

In the end, we said yes. That was after I’d made her promise me that there’d be no cheesy shots of us with fantastical digital imagery superimposed into the album. Plus, I wanted an OD photoshoot.  :p

So yes, we ended up signing for a package with all the usual trappings (more elaborations later – I’m going to try re-negotiating for something else) with:

Please checkout their website and go to their gallery. I’d requested for the PG who shot the pictures in Motif Photograph C and D – plus, I’ll be going to some of the same places! Ah!!! I’m so excited. Of course, I’m no model, so I won’t look like the girl in the photos…but I still look forward to it!

Next decision I’ll have to make: Which dress(es)?  (Updates soon)

Ps1 So, if you’re going to ask where Kean Ghee features in all of these plans, don’t bother. As the SA wisely said, “You husband’s just going to be a prop on that day. YOU’re the feature. Even his suits will match yours, don’t worry…” OMINOUS

Ps2 If you think my writing’s a bit erratic, it’s because I’ve been reading too many Japanese Manga :p

Ps3  You think this whole BS = BullS**t?   Yea...well, sort off  :p 


Trishomachine. said...

Rosalynn, we could make a movie out of your pre-wedding thoughts. Very well articulated!


Ooooh. I know someone who bakes excellent wedding cakes. Lemme know if you havent booked one.

Amy Kong said... much work involve, now I am scared and concern. Eloping sounds easier.... :)

Oh by the way I think the photos from the bridal shop looks good and as Siang always says, if a website looks good then it will be good.

Rosalynn said...

Sawi: Wedding cakes cost a bomb man! Lol - you know anyone who does cupcakes for cheap? Btw Sawi, are you coming on the day??? (I'm trying to work out a guest list).

Amy: HAhaha, no la, probably not that bad. Actually if money's not a problem, you can hire a pro photographer and be more in control :) Thanks for the reassurance! I hope mine turns out ok!

aLLoY said...

Kean Ghee..You still plenty time..Let me know if you need escape plan.

Trishomachine. said...

Erm. You're wedding is still about a year a way....I need to check my timetable...erm...erm....OF COURSE I'll be there! =P Wouldnt miss your big day for the world.

I do know a few people who do cupcakes for sale. And they do pretty ones too! I'll get a quotation for you? How many roughly will you need?

Rosalynn said...


Thx for the help. I'll need approx 250 mini ones as favours (packaged). And by gawd - my budget is small as hell :p

No la...lemme know if u find anything :)