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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Why I've been absent ...

Now that it's towards the end of the year, I've been wondering about my luck. My health luck, to be precise.

For the past month, I've been to the Doctor THREE times! And I've been on MC for a total of 4 days!!! This is no joke especially because I'm not the frail, delicate type. However, the three medical maladies plaguing me has been greatly varied:

1) Women/gynae-related problem (Week 1)

  • Yes, had an unpleasant shock one night. Strange bedfellows, so to speak. Less said, the better. Good doctor took one look at my pale-ass face and gave me a day off.
  • Medication: Blood replacement tablets and pain-killers

Btw, check out these cute-ass pillows. I love pillows!

Pic taken from:

2) Wisdom tooth-growth (Week 2, pls refer to previous post for more details)

  • Had to endure several days of fevers and headaches, which persisted and marred my annual Deepavali joy.
  • The doctor lectured me on putting off my health (being the oh-so-kiasu teacher that I was, I’d put off seeing the doctor until after I’d seen my kiddies through their inter-school Scrabble and Chess comp)

My two young wakil sekolah : Fatin & Naqib

  • Doctor dearest also said : “Oh you’re a teacher? What so important about your work? Take a day off.” ; I managed to glower at him and shut him up.
  • Medication: 6 types of drugs (won’t junkies wanna be me?)


3) Eye-infection

  • I had the brilliant idea of using my super moisturizing body butter on my eye-area to amp up my dead eyes a bit.
  • Failed to wash it off properly. Proceeded to watch Heart of Greed on laptop; ignoring growing discomfort in right eye.
  • By the time I looked in the mirror, it was swollen and red. God knows, how I’d let it get that way. Picture below; cringeeeeeeeeee
Btw, this pic has not been edited in any way. So you’re seeing me in my entire just woken up glory. And Kean Ghee took this pic….he found my eye funny …sigh.

So yes, I feel like I've 'faan tai sui' (for those non-chinese readers out there - this means stg like I've offended some Duke -deity guy and am facing his wrath...whatever :p). Hope I'll be all nice and healthy for the next coupla months.

You know why?


Damnit! There goes my precious hoildays uhuhuhuhuh....

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