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Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I just discovered that I'd gone through my entire life believing that twilight was spelled :


Oh my gosh, the mortification! Lol, my spelling's always been atrocious. I need to have a pen and paper before me before I can spell anything! In fact, just the other day, I embarrassed myself in front of my student when I couldn't spell 'pencil' out aloud. Sigh.

Leaving the topic of my ineptness at spelling, let us wander instead over to the lush, pale views that is:


We watched it last Saturday down at Tebrau Jusco. The vibe of this place is very much similar to Jusco Cheras Selatan, albeit a lot bigger and better stocked (think MNG, Roxy, TNS and all other major street brands). The plus point of this place being its low low parking fee – RM1 flat rate – which is a rarity here in Johor Bahru.

Neways, due to the lack of blockbusters at the moment, seeing that it’s post-summer season, we managed to get pretty good seats for the movie; even though we arrived at peak hour. We thought that not many people would be watching Twilight, since there was hardly any promotion for it here (how bout KL, ppl?). It was only later that we discovered there were scores of Twilight fans here (they were the ones chattering excitedly during the movie – luckily at a civilised decibel).

I entered the Cineplex with some measure of trepidation. I consciously lowered my expectations (which had peaked due to the nice trailer) because I really didn’t want to get my hopes up too high. This line, in the trailer, intrigued me no end:

“What if I’m the bad guy?”

Me, being the ultimate aficionado of all bad-boys, just could not resist that line! Had to watch it.

Oh, oh, allow me to veer off track a lil. Before the movie started, we were treated with a trailer of an upcoming movie: Watchmen. I didn’t think much of the title – it sounded too X-Men-like for me. But the trailer…oh, the trailer….it’s awesome awesome awesome! Too good – made even more fabuloso with Smashing Pumpkin’s “The Beginning is the End is the Beginning”. It’s now on my “OMG-I-have-to-watch-it list.” Carrying themes of anti-superheroism and humankind survival, I’m sure (if executed well) it will appeal to my moviebuds greatly.

Ok, coming back on track:


Let me begin by saying that this isn’t a movie that I loved. It’s a lot more chick-flick than I thought it’d be; just with a darker setting. The plot basically, goes something like this: Cute girl meets cute guy. Initial hostility. Cute guy saves cute girl. More animosity due to misunderstanding. They fall in love. Family/Circumstantial obstacles. Forbidden love themes abound. Chick-flicky right?

However if there was going to be a reason for me watching this again, it would be this:

The Cullen Family (ie Edward Cullen *ahem)

I’m telling you now, there’s nothing HOTTER than badass H-O-T guys struggling to be good; while being extremely beautiful, cultured and rich! HAhaha. Oh oh, for me, the baseball scene was immensely captivating, I’m not sure why :p Maybe because I adore the family – especially Alice, Edward’s sister. Her stance while pitching - *whistles* damn yau yeng!

So, moving along, the protagonists are Bella Swan and Edwards Cullen. I’m not a big fan of Bella’s character; maybe I’ve been influenced by the book, but I find her kinda whiny, insecure and in her own words – pathetic. In the book, especially, she sounds like she’s 14 more than a 17 yr old. Of course, all’s not lost – I absolutely adore her hair! So dark, and lushhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I love the scene where she and Ed makes out – her hair stands out there.

But hey, who am I kidding – this post is all about Edward Cullen. He may be in high school still, but he looks, acts and sounds like he’s in his 20s; still well within my realm of fantasy-dom :p. Dark-featured, fair-faced, tall, beautiful, broad, strong arms, shoulders and back --> he makes me construct sentences with only adjectives and nouns! This character is like Mr Darcy for me – I love him in his fictional way – so it’s not the actor, it’s the character that counts, people.

You tell me, wouldn’t you want a guy who can save your life from runaway vans, evil guys and other supernatural beings? How about a guy who can hike up Mt Kinabalu while carrying you and who looks like he’s been dusted with pixie-crystal dust in the sunlight. Plus, your parents (and priest) will undoubtedly favour his anti-premarital sex stance (as long as you leave out the vampire bit, he’s more like an angel than anything else).

Also he has this smirking thing. (Even in the book) He tries to be cool and macho and unsmiling – but he simply can’t help himself! His mouth twitches ever so lightly ever so often and his blood-red lips curl upwards way too much. Very appealing – and dazzling. He dazzles. (Bella says he’s beautiful and dazzling a lot in the book).

Ok, so now I have another fictional crush in my ever-expanding black book of badboys. All I can say is, go watch


if you’re into dark fluff or am a crazy **fan-girl like me. I guarantee you’ll love the fresh meat in this meat market *bares fangs – I wished*.

**Fan-girl : one who obsesses over personalities (fictional/non-fictional, alive/dead, animated/flesh&blood) from various media for no apparent reason.



Amy K said...

Jealous that you have actually watched it :( It will only be released in Melb on Thursday. So crazy slow.
Hmmm....I was told by a colleague that the movie is better when you have read the book! Will have to remove any expectation I have. Anyway, just from the poster and from trailers the actors that played Edward, Bella and Jacob was not exactly what I imagined when I was reading the books, sigh...disappointing.

Amy K said...

Jealous...that you have watched the movie :( It will only be released in Melb this Thurs. So damn slow....
I have actually heard from a colleague that the movie is much better for ppl that have read the books cause you already know the plot. I hope that Siang will be able to sit through the movie considering that it is a chick flick..
I am removing all expectation I have for the movie and just hope for the best. I am already disappointed by the actors playing the character Edward and Jacob. Not exactly what I have imagined when I was reading the books.

Rosalynn said...

I'm sure you'd have watched it by now, Amy! How was it?

The actors aren't too bad - although I prefer the ones I'd conjured in my mind! lol Jacob doesn't have such a big role here - let's hope he grows up fast for the next movie :p

I love Alice tho - she's my fave :)