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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Circa Sydney February '06

As promised, happier things this time :)

Last weekend was a highly anticipated one for me.

ABout a fortnight earlier, I'd found out that a few of my darling IPBA-rian juniors would be posted to Johore. Unfortunately, no one close to me was posted to JB; but as luck would have it, Shim got posted to Kota Tinggi, Seng Chee to Endau and Norzie to Pontian.

Now, if you consider the geographical implications of these facts, you will see that :

  1. The metrosexual Shim CANNOT stay away from JB due to the relatively higher standard of living here. Hypothesis 1 - Shim will be in JB often.
  2. Seng Chee needs to see Norzie often, and for obvious reasons, have to pass by the highway behind my place to get to Pontian. Hypothesis 2 - Seng Chee will at least pass by JB often.
  3. And most importantly, Sunny and I both live in JB (well, me in Skudai). Hypothesis 3 - Shim, Seng Chee and Norzie will be in JB often.

Last weekend, they dropped by for their virgin visit (I like alliterations). Shim stayed over at Sunny's while Norzie and Seng crashed at mine. As I was driving (KG was driving, not me) out to get Norzie and Seng, it dawned upon me that this was all too familiar.

It felt exactly like the day we (Hanic and I) went to pick the Cohort 2 Macqees up at the Sydney international Airport. Let me draw some of the parallels for you:

1. Sunny = veteran in Sydney (before me) = JB-native
2. Me = had been in Sydney for a year = have been in JB for a year
3. Shim, Seng and Norzie = newbies toSydney = newbies to JB (except for Norzie, but don't go splittin hairs, yea?)

So yea! It was greta FUn!!! We had dinner at Shogun (food sux btw) and talked eooooonnnnssss. I so missed the banter - it was dinner time at Unit 31 all over again! This time, KG was here too, and I'm glad to say he really enjoyed himself :D

I just can't wait for the next hols. I've already made plans to go to Tioman via Seng's place. Plus, we'll drop by Norzie's for some pineapples (Pekan Nenas after all) and Shim's for seafood.

Ah, life is meaningful again (Code : I demand to be fed!)


ah^kam_koko' said...

how nice...
Nobody is going to take a boat to see me though...

Norzie Khamis said...

hehe ka che,

dun worry, you'll see seng chee and i more often. hope you don't mind :p

btw, the pineapple in my kampung is not that nice, you have to tell me earlier when you want it so that I can ask for best ones from my uncle :)

Rosalynn said...

Oh poor Jarod!

Lol - where are you anyway???

Yesssssshhhhhh Norzie! Lol ada cable pineapple now :)

ahseng said...

TIOMAN TIOMAN. though i am more happy u are going to be in ENDAU ENDAU. Kota tinggi? seafood? y bother. haha