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Saturday, January 31, 2009

CNY 2009

Just a wee update about how I spent CNY :)

1. Left for Kajang on Saturday afternoon since KG was still working that morning.
2. Arrived at Holy Family Kajang right in time for Mass.
3. Had dinner at the Chinese place opposite church to celebrate:

DOMINIC'S 23 BIRTHDAY!!!!! (all my lovessssss)

4. Went over to Sharon's for mamak with Yong and Diana. Sharon has the cutest new puppy on the block - Alfie!!! And THANKS DIANA WEE FOR THE SLIPPERS!!!!

1. Left early to go to MidValley for a shopping trip with Aunt Helen, Dad and Glynn.
2. Came home in time for REUNION dinner - it was spectacular! I swear, mom's cooking improves every year!

3. Played MahJong with aunts and granma - I LOVE MJ!
4. Watched Red Cliff II - I love this film :)

1. Went for CNY Mass and Fr George and Fr William gave out oranges and Ang Pows.
2. Was lazing at home and playing with Jojo

3. Aunts and cuzzies came over for CNY day makan - again, awesome vegetarian dishesssss - I loooovvvvvvveeeee Zhai Choy!!!

1. Visited Sharon's place in the morning with WT.
2. Played with ALfieeeeeeeeeee so cute! I think I wanna be the Godma - let's see what Sharon says about this :p
3. Went out to visit MY Godma's in Setapak. Hadn't seen her since forever, so was very happy to wrap myself around her again :). Godma gave me my favourite prawn spring rolls - luv luv luv!!!!! Also had awesome dinner at a nearby place.

*note : I think I've been eating too much this hols - and the photoshoot's a fortnight away!!!! dang

1. Dim Sum with the aunts and cuzzies. Eating again......
2. Laze about at home. Tried to inspire (trick) Mesh into playing MJ to no avail....
3. Aunts came over for more MJ....damn funn!!!
4. Dad kicked me off MJ table and resorted to BlackJack and Tiga Babi with MOM (OMG)!!! She took all my money *sigh....

1. Got ready to leave for JB.
2. Got into an argument with KG. Sulked throughout trip home (3.5 hours). Body was damn stiff from sitting ramrod straight and fist and jaw clenching to show anger. Must've burnt a ton of calories that way... nevertheless, must remind self never to pick a fight during a long-haul drive :p (ps - we're fine, just me and my silly tantrums)
3. Lazeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (and mark essays)

hAHAHA - how's that for concise-ness? I even ellipted most of the subjects in my sentences! School's on Monday though, so I can't laze for much longer. Okays, time for grocery shopping).

*abrupt stop

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Miss D said...

I love veggie food too...=)