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Thursday, January 1, 2009

First Day of School

Yo! Today was the registration day for 12 to13-yr-old kiddies at my school. I'd been tasked to do front-counter duties for the day.

I was (thankfully) teamed up with Ms Mak; who's so experienced at this she could do it with her eyes closed. I, on the other hand, was nothing more than a bundle of nerves to her calm, serene being. :p

We were given the Peralihan counter to man and I was prepared for the onslaught of Mandarin/Tamil speaking parents bearing witness to my humiliation as a 'banana'. Miraculously, many, many sets of parents actually spoke Canto(!) and so I was thus saved :p

It was a great experience! I got to see first-hand how parents reacted to Registration Day. Some parents came well-prepared; armed with neatly stapled photocopied documents, files and their own stationery. Kudos to these parents! They were a joy and breeze to work with. Some had clearly gone to great lengths to prepare the way they did; I spied transcripts of placement letters painstakingly translated into their native tongue. I truly hope we would be able to produce gems from the precious but unpolished ‘treasures’ they have sent to us. Others were slightly less meticulous. They came with a myriad of documents – disorganised but complete. However, they were more than willing to go the extra mile after finding out exactly what was needed. In fact, more than two sets of parents raced between home and school multiple times to retrieve stuff they’d forgotten. *applaud*

There were a few others who seemed quite uninterested in the process. I overheard mutters of annoyance when we notified them of incomplete documents, also some sniggering at our baju korporat (we looked like TMNet workers apparently – wow that must do wonders for your kids’ respect for teachers!). Sadly, some even took out their frustration on their children – I witnessed parents belittling their children in front of other parents and students. Some blamed their kids for everything – not bringing documents, not reading the letter, even for not writing neatly enough! Sigh – I suppose they really don’t realise that sometimes words of encouragement and support would work better.

Overall, I quite enjoyed this year’s New Years’ Day.

True, I spent it working – but I also spent it doing what I like best in my line of work; communicating and teaching (“China is a country, not an ethnic group”).

I’m all psyched up for next Monday. How unfortunate it is that I’m spending my time now doing a load of paperwork (due to be inspected by PPD officials when they come visiting on Monday) instead of preparing for ‘wow’ lessons next week.

Luckily, I spent some time daydreaming of lesson plans during the hols. Here’s where they’ll come in handy :p



Trishomachine. said...

I went to school today to kemas kemas my meja and guess what!

"Eh, Sawittri, this Monday you kena observe boleh ahhh?"

Grrr. The nazirs on the way so the kids better be good!

Rosalynn said...

omg! observations on your first day?

freaky dicky!

ah^kam_koko' said...

I started teaching on my very first day...
And I actually taught something!