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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Friggs, Glynn! I will rant then.

Do I feel guilty for not updating my blog?

No, not really. Guilt is a luxury to me now. I haven't got *time*

Not to sleep. Not to relax. Not to anything fun....ok, I exaggerate, but it's close to that.

Instead of doing my sis' aimless tag, let me instead blog about my life atm . It's kinda crazy. I thought I'd be over all the teething problems I had last year as a newbie. I thought I'd go to school as a confident, experienced teacher who didn't need to go badgering other teachers for help!

Sigh. I think I'm working too much. I leave the school no earlier than 5.00pm on an average. Many times, I continue working at home till I hit the sack. I don't think I'm overly dedicated. I don't think I've been given more than my share of work. I don't know why I can't finish anything.


I prefer to think that I'm a bit slower than others ... plus I'm quite scatter-brained.

  • I don't wanna believe I'm overworked because that would be a huge blow to my confidence in the system.
  • I really don't want to believe that I've been given more work because they think I can handle it.
  • And I don't want to believe that I've been given all these responsibilities because I'm a push-over and can't say no.
I don't wanna believe all these things because if they are true; then this will never end! It will be the same, year after year, sem after sem. They'll shove things down my throat until I croak and die. If so, things will never change and I'll be feeling this way EVERY DAMN year! And I still have 29 years to go in this industry....

So, yea. I'll believe that I'm slow. That one day, I will wake up knowing all there is to know about the SYSTEM.

  • I will KNOW which blasted form to fill in WHENEVER.
  • I will OWN softcopies of letters for EVERY last purpose IN MALAY!
  • I will PUT a STOP to silly under-utilised but over-emphasised notions like Prog. Headcount.
  • I will overhaul the SBOA!!!!
  • I will HAVE my own laserjet printer on my desk in school.
  • I will WRITE my own damned softwares for timetable-ing, SAP-ing and all other crappy databases.
  • I will KNOW all rules and regulations to all sorts of SPORTS and GAMES.
  • I will INVENT a WAY to overcome all those pesky, repetitive hand written crap like the BUKU KEDATANGAN PELAJAR and FILE PERSONALIA.
I will reach enlightenment. Even if I don't believe in Nirvana.

I do tutoring now. Besides the desperately needed extra income, it really gives me pleasure to professionally develop myself and teach only for the sake of teaching. I know I've been ranting about the amount of work I do at school, but if anyone dares suggest that my tutoring is taking up my time...fie to you!

I only tutor 3 times a week - twice on Fridays and once on Sundays. I make sure school takes top priority and I use my time off on weekends to experiment with new ways of teaching English (it's especially fun with MUET students). So I don't think I'm doing anything at the expense of the school.

I'm kinda touchy about this because I used to complain a lot abt a colleague of mine who used her tuitioning as an excuse to escape school meetings/work (anything that's related to staying back) and dump it all on me. So yea, I made sure I would not give anyone reason to say I wasn't doing my share of work.

Btw, check out my timetable. I know it may not look like much - I only have 25 periods after all. But I assure you, Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are enough to drive me crazy - the back to back classes are all at least a block (and many flights of stairs apart). Ketua Bidangs must see me as their sacrificial lamb on Thursdays and Fridays....and I have to say I can't blame them. This kind of schedule leaves me very little time to get markings done etc etc.

Furthermore, I teach the best classes of Form Two and Three. Easy? Not exactly. Essay-marking is a nightmare!!! I spend approx 10-15 mins on each student. I AM NOT JOKING! Parents from these classes expect extensive corrective and general feedback. I ran through two red pens in one round of essays (200 essays in a week). My only consolation is that they are really happy with it - and told my GPK so.

I did learn a thing or two about Classroom Management last year, though. I learnt:


I've been so mean! Lol - well, not really. But I've started the year being really, really strict with my kiddies. I like to reason and logic-ise with them, and don't give a rat's ass if they're not mature enough to deal with it. I asserted on day one that I want the best for them (academically) and I am NOT afraid to be a monster to them if it helps any.

And I think I have been one :p

Today, I had two kids 'forgetting' their books for the second time in a week. The first time, I sent them out from class and made them write lines. Today, I made them call their moms up on my phone and I spoke to their moms. I was very polite to the mommies (allies!) and thank God they were very nice too. Poor boys were really shaken though. GOOD! I was too kind early in the year, last year, and I really paid for it when nothing I did could make them change. I CANNOT BE A FRIEND (mantra).

Also, I've specially composed several comeback at kids who answer back at me in Mando.

Me :
Tie your hair/ Fix your tie/ Tuck in your shirt!
Std :
Teacher, you also leave your hair down/ Dye your hair/ bla bla bla. You should be a good role model!
Me :
I am one. I waited 17 years to graduate from highschool before I did any of these. Now, i represent what YOU can do when you graduate! You wanna be like me? Sure thing! Wait till you're 26! *sweet smile*

They usually go speechless. Yay!

Std :
Teacher, toilet!
Me :
I am not a toilet.
Std :
No, no, can I go to the toilet? Please?

Me :
Discipline your bladder. It's right after recess.

I have lots of fun with that.

OKAYYYYYYYYYY ranting over. I promise the next post will be a happier and more cheerful one. I think I can manage that.

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Trishomachine. said...

I have found a way to escape the system and it sounds something like "ignorance is bliss". Haha.

Our core business is teaching and that should take up the most of our working time kan?

I have 32 periods this year and being in a primary school, you know how fuuuun that is. Haha.