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Thursday, January 1, 2009


Oh wow.

It's a new year.

*yawn* It's 12.08am and I'm bored.


Because Johore doesn't recognise the First Day of the Year as a public holiday - that's why!!!!

I just spent my NYE at Jusco buying oil, rice and bottled water (there's a midnight sale there). How exciting, right? Feel my sarcasm?

Because tomorrow's still like any other working day, I have to be at school early tomorrow for school registration. Yes, kiddies aged 12-13++ will line up to be registered into my school beginning 8am tomorrow - January the First!!!!

OMG, I can't get over the fact that I have work tomorrow. The horror!

NEVERTHELESS - let me not spoil this for everyone. Please guys, have a a great NYE and a wonderful, wonderful year ahead. I love you all; in one way or the other :p

Oh btw, a massive congratulations to my long-time bestie - Sharon Lee- for officially becoming Mrs Chew last Saturday. It was a great wedding and I couldn't help but shed tears. Let's hope the pics come out soon so that I can do a proper post on it.

Another pending post would be about my Mamma Mia luck last week where I watched the musical at Istana Budaya!

And yet another momentous event; the annual Chef Victor Christmas Makan! Cooked for by Vic, Hosted by James and Directed by Jonathan :) - twas a night to remember.

Anyway, updats when I get pics. Meanwhile - HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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