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Friday, February 13, 2009

Datin Speaks (Recount of an Interview)

The past coupla days have been the most nerve-wrecking ones I've been through in quite a long time.

Most people know me as the ultra-schematic person when it comes to ....well, almost everything!

So, when I found myself not preparing much for this very important interview*, I freaked out - at approximately 8.30pm last night. I mean, I didn't even bloody know what the Agong's name was (I only know he's from Terengganu and he's quite good-looking)! So sorry, Tuanku! Sigh, so much to learn!

*Note - Confirmation Interview for the DG41 band.

So anyway, after exhausting myself out and annoying KG no end with my incessant wails of worries, I hit the sack and had a deep, dreamless sleep.

I woke up this morning super-psyched and KG drove me to the interview place. I was the first to arrive at the place and it was a good thing. Because I was there early, the administrator could afford some time to go through my documents with me. She helped me arrange everything and even filled in some forms for me. (The later interviewees had to do their own).

It was very helpful to have someone take you by the hand and give you tips (psst, Kalau boleh, jangan bawa beg." "Ketuk pintu sebelum masuk" "Kalau nak bawa beg juga, letak di atas kerusi sebelah tu" and so on).

Oh, and as she was filling in my forms - I saw that my Pengetua had given be a cool 96% in my school-based assessment. *Happy happy happy*

So...on to the interview itself and the reason for the title of this post.

My interviewer was a Datin. Given the stereotyping of Datins (and I really don't need to say more on this), I was slightly nervous before entering the room. The only Datin I'd ever spoken to is Sawittri :) Furthermore, I was the FIRST in, so I had no reference points and no tips.

Everything changed the moment she started to speak. This lady staring at me from head to toe was a nice, dignified, articulate and very well-informed PRINCIPAL of a school. Basically, it meas that she KNOWS about what goes on in schools. Here're the questions she asked and my answers (super-summarized):

1. What's the KBSM? - (I hadn't read it up, but I had a good idea - keyword: Integration)

2. What can you do to implement it(KBSM) in class? (I referred to a recent project-based module I did with my class, incorporating Geographical and Moral elements in a English lesson)

3. What do you understand from the term - "Kematangan Emosi" - as a teacher? (I explained what I could from two aspects; dealing with students and dealing with other teachers and administrators).

4. Talk about your school. (Socioeconomic demographics, achievements, problems)

At this point, she initiated a discussion about problems we as teachers face in schools. She talked about language barriers, challenges of the Remove classes and the like. Then, she segued smoothly into the next question:

5. In the PIPP, there's this bit about "Jurang Pendidikan". What're your views on it in relation to your school? (I talked about my experience with the diverse range of students we have in school and picked on the few points that was relevant to my situation).

She nodded and cut into my answer with her own thoughts which prompted me to reply. This exchange went on for a little while until she looked down and saw her (I presume) list of questions. She said, "Okay, sekarang saya nak bertanya pasal berita di muka hadapan suratkhabar pagi ini."

I went, "OH SHOOT!!!!" in my mind.

Then she said, "Ia berkenaan suatu pergaduhan antara pelajar di Klang di mana pelajar itu saling bertikam".

6. What do you have to say about this piece of news? Relate it to your experience in school. (I breathed a huge sigh of relief and answered the question the best I could. I used some of my experiences and observations in the past one and a half years and drew upon some of the challenges I faced as a discipline teacher - we *bonded* over being ex-Convent-ians for a split second as we discussed ribbons :p).

7. Okay, I have no more questions, but I want to know; Where do you see yourself in five years' time? (Wahhhhh, I WASN'T expecting this AT ALL! But I had an answer for her - from the bottom of my heart.)

After hearing me out, she simply smiled and said kindly, "Thank you and all the best."

So yea, my interview took all of 15 minutes - short huh? Though when I recounted it to KG, it seemed so much longer. I'm not sure how it went - I answered everything, but I'm not sure if they were the answers she wanted.

Let's pray for the best, people!



ah^kam_koko' said...

You got a good one.

pink_suspenders said...

kaa che, the interview, first SPP interview is it? or is there another one you hv to go thru after you do ur medical and all? i kompius oredi hehe Glad to knw you went thru it ok. During mine, the hajah asked me why i wanted to be a teacher. Like blergh. Burn saja, I read all the other stuff for the interview, didnt even ask.

Rosalynn said...

Hey Jarod, good to hear from U! Yea, I was kinda lucky...

Taz, this is the first and only one I hope :p

Trishomachine. said...

So now you have spoken to a REAL datin!


I was interviewed by this Dato' who was involved in the planning of our overseas-link course. He knew all about our course - and kept reiterating how expensive it was to send us overseas haha.

Rosalynn said...


Hahaha - yea, this lady knew about us too - she knows Dr Sofi well :)

We are femes, kan?