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Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Love for Food


It's been a stressful week.

Amidst the heaps of exam papers to mark and submit on Monday, the paperwork needed for the Police Kadet's upcoming competition and camps, the Sukantara, the Acara Sukan Sebelum Sukan, Hari Sukan, Merentas Desa, tutoring sessions, PIBG meetings PLUS my pre-wedding photoshoot next week;

I'm dying, really.

Nevertheles, let's move on.

It's Saturday morning and thank God, I've finally got some time to myself. I woke up at 8am to start marking my papers - have gone through about 60% of them. Time for a quick rest - which I'm using to blog. Blogging's now a treat...something I use to reward myself, coz I have almost no other opportunities to use the English Language except for correcting essays :p.

Another treat I've been allowing myself is reality TV *shamefaced*

I've never been a huge fan of entertainment-based reality TV (e.g American Idol, AF) or the adventure type (ARace, Survivor), but I absolutely adore anything related to food and fashion!!!

I've been indulging in Hell's Kitchen and Top Chef of late and I love them :p

In fact, while watching the entire season of Hell's Kitchen, I found myself craving fresh scallops (for almost 3 weeks)!!!! I finally caved in and went to Gianni's for dinner last Friday. It was the eve of Valentine's and since I had to work on V-day, KG and I had a great dinner on Friday.

I had the scallops rissoto - it was marvelous! I mean, I'm not usually a big fan of risotto (sticky, short-grain rice....), but I loved the way Gianni's had it - almost congee-like in texture and super, super, super flavourful.

(Note: Btw, I don't really think risotto is supposed to be like congee and I think there was too much liquid in mine; but I loved it!)

The scallops were amazing - about 8 large ones - cooked and seasoned perfectly. I savoured every mouthful and it was regrettable when I realised that it was a special on the menu, meaning it may not be there the next time....darn!

Gianni's is my favourite-st restaurant in Johore at the moment. I'll do a full-post about it when I have the time. Suffice to say, it has never disappointed me....yet :p

Yea....ummm, back Hell's Kitchen and Top Chef. I think I've fallen in love with a couple of the chefs I've discovered on the show. *shining eyes*

Chef #1

Eric Ripert

He's the 43-year old French chef at Le Benardin, a 3-starred establishment in New York. He's tanned, silver-haired and best of all, he looks like a very handsome vampire. Sigh....

Also, the main reason for my admiration - he's an awesome teacher. No shouting, no 'losing it', constructive criticism and great cooking tips. If you don't believe me, please check this out: .... go to the 'Videos' section for his very cute "Get Toasted" cooking-vids.

He oozes patience and ....and.... ke'terrer'an from every pore. Hahaha lame, but I really don't have the words to describe my awe for this guy. Btw, he's got really nice knives.

Chef # 2

Vikas Khanna

This man looks like a Bollywood star! In Kitchen Nightmares by Gordon Ramsay (also a great, tough as nails, court-martial-ling C-H-E-F), Vikas came on to help revive an ailing Indian restaurant in New York. Ramsay told him, at one point, "You're too damned good-looking to be a chef, yes?" Ahh, Chef Ramsay appreciates yumminess no matter the gender :)

If you take a look at his credentials on Wikipedia - this man is like a a potential Nobel-prize winner .... for whatever category .... He cooks! He's a philanthropist! He has grace, manners and humility! He is an activist! Yo.....

Do regard this quote:

"Disability is the inability to see ability."

Ahhhh, such sage-like wisdom from this face:

(Btw, he looks much better in the show - and he looks like a 25 yr-old when he's actually 37).

Okay, I need to go work now :p


Aseem said...

Haha......He is super sexy. I was smiling too when Gordon said you are too good looking.....Gordo has a crush!

ah^kam_koko' said...

Have you ever watched 'Iron Chef'?
It's ridiculous esp after they have dubbed it.

Rosalynn said...

Hi Aseem! Yea, he's cute :)


Lol - Iron Chef is kinda cacat - but depending on the main ingredients, I will watch it still. I'm that crazy about food-based programs.