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Friday, March 6, 2009

It's been raining. 25 Random things.

For all of you who have asked about the pre-wedding photoshoot, here's the brief report:

25 Random Things about the PhotoShoot

  1. KG and I started at 10am and finished at abt 9.30pm.
  2. We had McMuffins for brekkie and a FilletOFish each for lunch (They were bought as an afterthought and proved to be a wise wise decision)
  3. I had 6 constumes - three white, wedding gowns (Grecian, Vic and Modern) and three evening gowns (BlacknWhite,Gold,Orangy-flowery).
  4. I was barefoot most of the time.
  5. KG had difficulty smiling most of the time.
  6. We kissed more in that one day than we usually do in...two.
  7. The hair setting process was PAINFUL to the max. I really felt like Sayuri (Memoirs of a Geisha) when her hair got waxed for the first time.
  8. I cried a little when my hair felt like it was being yanked out for the 4th time. Eric, the makeup/hairstylist patted my shoulder, rubbed my head and told me to suck it up :p
  9. The makeup was great and not as harsh as some people told me it would be.
  10. We had the outdoor photo shoot in the rain - it was cold, wet and uncomfy. I was kinda disappointed because I preferred outdoor photos.
  11. KG and I got our own dressers - meaning there was actually someone who helped you stuff your fats and appendages in all the right places. It was intimate.
  12. I went to the toilet every time I had a costume change in case I wouldn't have another chance...I don't know why I felt that way.
  13. The girl (me) gets shot more than the guys (KG) ...more by a mile.
  14. The make-up guy, Eric, exchanged one of my gowns for a more beautiful one when the first wouldn't hold my boobs up after alteration.
  15. I only had two touch-ups throughout the day - one before I went outdoors and a second time when we came back. I didn't sweat much thanks to the weather.
  16. I thought I'd lost my Xixili bra in the dressing room until I asked for it and they located it in the another part of the shop.
  17. The makeup looked like candy to many types of so many types of so many types.
  18. The accessories wall was a dream! So many types of so many types of so many types.
  19. I loved how the photographer would let me "preview" the pics on his camera - so far, I liked what I saw.
  20. I had a bad-model moment; when the PG made me do the "oh-I'm-fainting-pose". The sky looked spectacular though :p
  21. The make-up was easy to remove.
  22. The hair was a nightmare to sort-out.
  23. KG had to snap his lenses out of the frames because they reflected (even with the anti reflection coating).
  24. The dressing and makeup room was at the back of the shop on the ground floor. The shooting area was upstairs. I think I advertised well for the place by running to and fro - especially when more than a few prospective mothers of brides/sisters of bride/brides gave me approving smiles as I tried to "float" past.
  25. I don't think I will voluntarily do this again - too exhausting.

We're supposed to go back in a month's time to check the photos out. According to my makeup artist, the outdoor pics were beautiful and my face was gorgeous - according to me, he was just biased cause really, he made my face. Will let you guys know when we know.


It's been a strange week of highs and lows.

I've been tired out, wrung out, stretched to my very limits. This is the week I had the wedding photoshoot, Kadet Polis Kawad Comp, SAP due date, Mesy Panitia BI Daerah and MSSSD - all of which were mysteriously weaved (last minute) into my daily tangled mess of lessons and PLBS.

But I've also caught myself smiling sheepishly to myself for no reason and finding a sense of ....dare I say it? Happiness.

I found myself counting my blessings.
I found myself having the energy and willingness to help out.
I found time to enjoy and enrich myself.

I guess it was on Tuesday when it happened. I was just settling down at my desk; back from a 7 period day. I dropped my head down - it was paperwork time.

My fingers shuffled papers, shoot! Another papercut on my right forefinger!
I put away some books that had been marked and eyeballed the teetering towering stack of PLBS files - all a uniform shade of lime popsicle.

I squinted at my own badly scrawled to-do list for the week, tore it down from my notice board and ticked a few items off.

It was about at that moment; between my ticking and re-tacking the list to the board. I confounded myself by smiling. It struck me then; I was doing something for a living. This was my life now. I guess it was that moment that made me realise that I wasn't a uni-grad playing the role of teacher anymore. I was a teacher!

This was my life now; setting lessons, filling in forms, chasing after the portable LCD projector, seeking the elusive keys to rooms even more difficult to enter than the Room of Requirement. Scolding kids, thundering at them, caning them and feeling them wither under my gaze. Then, in the same day, having the same kids apologizing, snickering and joking with me.

A life bound tightly to the various Akta, Pekeliling and Arahan PPDee, JPEn, KPEm.

A life where it's expected that you stand under the rain without an umbrella or jacket because you can't abandon your wards. Where it's expected that you work even when you're at home - otherwise you're not dedicated enough.

But also, a life of long stretches of holidays (though we get called back sometimes), a life where the word monotony does NOT exist and also a life of sweet nothings from the innocent kiddies who don't know how to lie effectively. :p

So, yea, I smiled and thought to myself, "This is my life and I it. Though a break would be nice :)"

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ah^kam_koko' said...

Good wedding photos really do take a lot of work.
But I guess it is worth it because these photos will be shared with many people for a long long time.