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Monday, March 9, 2009

Random random

I was just browsing through my own blog and realised the lack of pictures here.

How sad.

Well, the thing is, the camera has been kinda out of the action for a while now and we take most pics using KG's phone. I'm not the kind to capture everything on bytes, but when I checked, KG obviously have - so here's a few to share with you guys!

Sharon's ultra-cute Alfie!

Kean Ghee in a hospital gown - very demure! Lol, this was right before they gassed and molested his most *ahem* delicate parts.

Oooooh, my fave lunch dish at the moment : Lui Cha - a Hakka dish literally called "Thunder Tea" - it's good!

Okay, before I go further, lemme just say I used to detest Crocs - the operative words here being "used to". I still cringe at the original design but I absolutely adore my grey mary-jane-like ones! Unparalleled comfort, cushion and compatibility with every bit of my busy lifestyle. I wear it to work (yes, with the Doggy, Pirate and Heart), to shops, to the markets...everywhere everywhere everywhere!

Heeeheeeheee - guess what this is!?
It's actually a ball of KG's hair - it's so stiff it's like a bale of hay! Or, or, you know...the mythical Japanese creature made of ash...or was it dust?

KG and I at some juice bar at Taman Sutera. The chair is humongous....

KG's idea of a joke....

:p I wasn't allowed to take any pics of myself during the photoshoot, not even on my phone. So this was all I managed - a ultra-lightning-paced snapshot of myself. Off-focused of course and looking slightly weird...but thankfully, still quite myself :p


Trishomachine. said...

I still find it amazing that you and KG look so much alike.

Btw, the ball of hair! What do you feed your man, kah cheh???

Rosalynn said...

Sawi! Yeala, sometimes I do too...I guess it's the food we've been consuming for the past 8 yrs together! lol

The ball of hair defies all logic wei! Hahahahaha

ah^kam_koko' said...

Only old ladies use Crocs la!!
Do not forget the number 1 rule!
Style is always above comfort!
You mau jadi ah ma ka?

Rosalynn said...

Hey hey Jarod!

I happen to think my Crocs are uber cute, k? Simply coz I can dress them up with the cutest accessories!


Amy K said...

The skull thingy on the crocs reminds me of One Piece..

Rosalynn said...

Yea yea Amy!

That's why I got them!

ahseng said...

no rosie, u pass the cute era. haha

btw, that ball of hair is from which part of the body?hmmmmm!!!!!