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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

OMG - Thanks Sawi! - Polyvore Pusher

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I don't fancy myself as a fashionista of any sort - but I like fashion as much as the femme next door. It's innate - c'mon, even the Drover's Wife read some fashion-y/trendy journal in the middle of the outback desert, right?

Anyway, I'd been admiring Sawi's Polyvore posts - not knowing what they were. Then I ter'click' (hmm, do I need an 'ed' after 'click'?) the link and gdm - a whole new world was open to me! Hahaha - what a way to spend my insomnia!

School Days - A monochrome mix of sorts. I wished we could wear stuff like this to work! The dress is a structured yet comfy. Neckline's great for bending over without revealing bits of self.

(Both pairs of) Shoes are commandingly efficient for height needed to deal with growth-spurting kids. And the buckles scream "I will whoop yer ass with a maple switch if you don't do as I say!"

Bags are necessarily cavernous for teaching paraphernalia though the white will soon be stained by red pen marks and such...sigh.

Mug for despo-coffee and perhaps owl on mug will impart some of its wisdom I seek. Glasses needed to see talent and potential clearly. Hairband's for pushing back fringe when marking books. Clock for keeping time and reaching datelines. Brolly for rainy and overly sunny days.

The one coloured item here would be the Tiffany's box. Why? Because I was thinking of Audrey Hepburn as I threw these stuff together. Diane and I were just talking about her over dinner. And let's face it darls - you can't have Audrey without the Tiffany's box.


ahseng said...

ur next door got no femme.
and i like the belt part.

Trishomachine. said...


I got you hooked!!!

ah^kam_koko' said...

I guess polyvores are a productive hobby?
I cant decide...