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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Small Steps

The title has nothing to do with the other bits of my life -

it's referring to my efforts on this weblog of mine. I'm taking small steps at a time.

Yea - same ol same ol - work, friends, weekends, family, wedding plans....

Many people have chastised me for not updating and I feel guilty for neglecting it. I started this blog because I'm pretty random *erm* in my head...most else, I'm just by-the-book. So I thought, I should have a blog to record all my thoughts so I can read about them well into my nineties; if the Internet isn't superceded by something else by then.

Also, I'm one of those terribly terribly narcissistic people and thus actually enjoy reading about themselves! Yessiree!

Anyway, this next post is dedicated to myself.

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