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Friday, June 12, 2009

I think I may have a problem....Hols are coming to an end.

The past coupla weeks have swooshed by quickly enough....I was looking forward to this mid-sem hols sooooo much!

Although school-work was still on the back-burners, in fact, I was in school two whole days this week, I knew I was going to have some 'me' time as well. I managed to go back to Kajang for some wedding preparations:

  • Did the restaurant tasting thing - was superb. Hopefully the quality will remain for the actual dinner.
  • Met up with Father William to confirm wedding Mass.
  • Met up with my Godma to get baptism extract.
  • Finalising guest list.
Anyways, it was all good. Kean Ghee and I also managed to catch up with Yong and the now-expectant mother, Sharon Lee :D. We had a great mamak session. KG and I also went to IKEA! and met the darling Iris we'd been hearing about.

I also had a look at my parents' house, which is currently under extensive reno. Wow! My home of 20-over years is not only going for a face-lift. It's nipped, tucked and has many, many transplants! Can't wait to see it when it's done.

When we came back to Skudai, it was time for me to face the music, so to speak. The mound of monotonous exam papers seemed to glower at me from the corner of my room where I'd determinedly chucked it before I left for Kajang a few days earlier. I tip-toed around it the entire Monday while I worked on a module for PPD (which was more urgent).

On Tuesday I went to school. I needed to hand the module to my school's office so that it could be sent out - also I needed to contact someone with regards to some issues with the module. I decided I might as well stay in school to mark my papers - I desperately needed to finish them anyway.

I ended up staying in school till 5++ and I realised how much I loved being at my desk without anyone else around! LOL Unfortunately, I had some trouble with the module and had to come back to school later in the week.

This is how my cubicle looks like - though nowadays it's much neater :p And more colourful too, after Teacher's Day :p

Then we met up with Doreen and Eesha on Tuesday night as well. They were here for the MELTA Conf - which I wished I could attend (and help Ina out a lil as well) but I knew I had a lot more school work that would require my undivided attention.

Wednesday came and went - I spent the whole day with Doreen and Eesha and got to meet up with some of our lecturers as well as IPBA-rians who were also attending the conference. Managed to help them pack the goody-bags :) I love assembly line work.

Yesterday I was back in school and have finally finished most of my work.

I was so so mad at myself tho! I completed like more than half of my Action Research and............. I really don't know what happened....I saved it and when I re-opened it, two whole pages were gone!!!!!! I was/am so de-motivated I just can't go on.

Today, I just stayed at home and keyed in my marks. I also did an analysis of my kiddies' performance so I can compile the marksheets faster on Monday. Hopefully there won't be long line of teachers haggling for a spot at the SAP portal :p.

Oh Monday ..... Please slow down time .....

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