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Thursday, October 15, 2009

I can drive!

Friends, even those who knew me quite well, would often gasp in disbelief when I said I didn't have a driving license.

In a country where most teenagers bribe JPJ sat for their JPJ tests as soon as they turned 16, I was a rarity – a relic – a dusty relic who couldn’t drive.

Sure, I blame a few individuals for my ridiculous handicap – but that’s not the point of today’s post. :p

Today…I’m coming out to the world and saying:


Obviously, I am quite the ecstatic-ness! However, the real trial awaits me now as I struggle with KG daily to let me drive. I understand his reluctance – my hand-eye-brain coordination has never been stellar..… And, I acknowledge the times I’ve made turns while vehicles are shuttling head-long towards me…. There was also the (roughly) 15 times I had almost crashed into a school pillar. What can I say? I’m trying! Lol

So people, pray for me as I embark on yet another life-skill-building period (the last one being learning how to cook).

Here’s to hoping I learn quick.

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ahseng said...

now go drive from skudai to kl