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Thursday, October 1, 2009

I'm Married

Hey... I got married. Lol

While at first it didn't seem like much of a deal to me; in fact, I really only ever did it because it was like 'a thing' that I had to do...I gotta say - getting married is kinda ... crucial in a relationship.

Lemme put it this way, I'd always had this smug feeling about that fact that Kg and I have been together for almost a decade.
Heck, I was Smug-Married (ref: Bridget) even before I was married. I was thinking ... blek, getting married's no big deal.

Just ink on parchment. Ring on the finger. Nine-course dinner.

We'll be exactly how we have always been and nothing's going to change. So, let's have some fun getting dolled-up and LET'S GET A WEDDING PLANNED!

I thought it might be fun - so not true.... I quote a friend and very wise wife Alison Wong nee Benedict (with embellishments):

"Whoever (bride) said weddings are fun is either lying or delusional or needs a slap."

I couldn't agree further. Hahaha.

Though my wedding went alright - and I've even heard adjectives like beautiful, memorable and amazing (probably from people who didn't have to witness my freak-out-face) - it was not the most fun thing to do on a weekend.

(edit: I initially posted a long list of gripes abt my wedding, but I'd deleted it because of the following:)

Nevertheless - I'd have to agree that, in the end, it was beautiful, it was memorable and it was amazing - no thanks to me (the freakazoid bride) but to all our beautiful family and friends.

I don't think I really need to say this, but my family was awesome during the whole day. Everyone put up with my craziness and crankiness and it was very touching to hear accounts of tears happening during the (Mom) tea ceremony and (Aunt Helen) wedding Mass. (What can I say - I like making ppl cry). I love you all!

I also adored that most of my closest friends made it for the day.

The Enam Sesampat, of course wasn't complete without AussieDi (*tear) but with Sharon's Chloe and Cliff making up for it - 'twas okay. The SMCK Four was also lacking one member - but Soke Hwooe darls ... I totally understand, so kisses n hugs anyway. Muaks muaks to all you lau peng yous!

The IPBA-rians who made made my day! From Sabah to Kuantan to Perlis.... I so so so loved you all for making it! Double gratitude to those who came so early for the bridal pick-up and stayed till the day after! Of course, this includes the awesome lecturers whom I really wanted to be there to see the KG of my many tales and yarns.

And of course - all those friends I'd picked up along my lifetime (so far) who were there... it totally warmed my heart to see all those faces beaming at me :D

Here's me beaming back!

This is one of my favest pics since I decided that I HAD TO make Sha take a pic of me in a seatbelt.

I hope everyone had fun. Though the wedding was a pain to plan for - the actual bits of it were really funny. KG and I both slipping up our lines saying our vows in church.... KG and our macho-est friends being forced into the un-macho-est challenges.... My not-very-flying-high champagne pop.... I laughed myself crazy re-watching these parts!

So thank you God, thank you family and thank you friends who made the most stressful event in my life into such a joyous one. KG and I couldn't have made it without you all :D



ahseng said...

aaaaawwwwwww. happy forever or like you say....long time

Anonymous said... sweet...

ah^kam_koko' said...

Wish I was there!

Poh Lin said...

awww sooo sweet! wish I have a great love story to! you were really beautiful that night rosie mosie =)..hehe