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Thursday, December 31, 2009


Oh wow.

I know people (especially my Grandma) are fond of saying "Time flies" but I've never appreciated the phrase until now.

2009 has been a year of events and accomplishments for me. Am I glad it's over? Yea, sortof. I'm looking forward to another year of challenges ahead of me...and I'm sure there'll be plenty.

Lemme do a quick re-cap of what's happened since my last entry.

A. House

As I've previously mentioned, KG and I have bought ourselves a home at Setia Eco Gardens. It's already up and ready. Currently going though the motions for a CF.

This corner lot is not ours. But this is our type :D

We've had loads of fun running around, looking at showhouses and showrooms everywhere to get ideas for our homey home home. Now it's time for us to actually look around for concrete and feasible stuff for the abode. No more daydreaming of dark timber floors or shiny silver kitchen appliances or walk-in-wardrobes.

We've signed up for the built-in kitchen with Sliderobe. Kitchens are EXPENSIVE! Hahaha. We've also put down a deposit for a sink-in-me sofa and don't-wake-up bed. My first two major home purchases are a testimony of my ke-malasan...I know.

B. Car

Since getting my license in October, I'd been revving up to get a car of my own. So we shopped around for a bit, KG ooh-ed at some Honda models, I wtf-ed at the monthly repayments and we both compromised on a Proton Saga :D

Unhappily for KG, I was never and am not a motor vehicle aficionado- for me, cars are primarily for getting around in. So, I'm not willing to bleed through my nose for what KG calls his "dream car for now". God knows, we girls bleed too much as it is...clothes, shoes, facials, periods etc etc.

Here's my first car:

I'm not that good at driving, sadly. Mostly, I drive to school, the laundry, the shops near my place.... even then, it's kinda nerve-wrecking. I'm just taking it slow. So, if you live in JB and you see this red Saga crawlin at a snail's pace - be thankful - I'm trying not to end your life or mine.

C. Shows I've watched :D

This holidays have been great for me! I've managed to not only laze around to my hearts' content, I've also managed to catch up with my TV shows. In the year, I rarely watch TV because I don't have one. To view any of my favourite shows, I've had to stream or dload them - which kinda sux.

This hols, I've had all the time in the world sourcing for shows I've wanted to watch the whole year. Along the way, I've stumbled across some gems in Seng Chee's-Magical-HDD-Of-TVB-Serials (SM-HOTS).

I've watched:

a) Boys Over Flowers - I'd read this manga few years back but never had the urge to watch the TV production. I gotta say, this Korean one as kinda great :p Jun Pyo is funny. And Jan Di is cute as a button. have to say, I like her more than the manga character (Makino).

b) Beyond the Realm of Conscience - This TVB mega production was a feast for the eyes. I still can't fathom how women of that time put up (pun not intended) with those hairstyles. The costumes were amazing and as usual, got me interested in the royal inner-workings of Chinese dynasties. Starring Charmaine Sheh, Tavia Yeung, Moses Chan, etc etc.

c) Born Rich - A family drama with a bit of banking, infidelity and pseudo-incest thrown in. Okay, but not something I'd watch again and again. Starring Gallen Lo, Lui Leung Wai, Kenix Kwok etc etc

d) Rosy Business - A period drama with a paddy/rice theme. Was good! Loved the chemistry between the main characters, though not usually my favourites. I seriously recommend this. Starring Tang Sui Man, Lai Yiu Cheung etc etc

e) The Big Bang Theory - This is actually an American sitcom. The premise is simple, four buddies and a hot blonde neighbour. Catch is - four buddies are all genius physicists/engineers with their own idiosyncrasies. Leonard is the most normal nerd who has a mayjaah crush on hot blonde. Howard is a omnivorous, sex-crazed tiny man. Raj has a medically-recognised speech impairment - he can't talk when beautiful females are around. Sheldon is just...insane...though he begs to differ because his mother had him tested; he's my fave character. Penny's the hot blonde neighbour - she's supposed to be dumb, but I like that she's not exceptionally so. Trust the nerd in me to love this so much I'm watching 3 seasons at one go.


a) Avatar - so-so storyline, burn-them-into-my-retinas images. Want to watch this in 3-D

b) Zombieland - FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY. Very fresh.

c) Bodyguards and Assassins - Good and thought-provoking. Made me wonder if all those characters were real?!?!?! Wikipedia-ed without much success.

D. Christmas

Christmas was short this year. Kg couldn't get off work before and I had to work right after. Had a fun-filled weekend in Kajang and that was about it. Oh Oh! We managed to squeeze in a day with the 6.1-sesampat. (Chloe's the point-one) Was awesome! Hope to do it again soon.

That's about it, I guess. Now it's back to the grind for me. Hope to have an even better year in 2010.



Sunny said...

house looks nice!i would haunt u in this life n the next few ones if i dont get invites for your housewarming!

ah^kam_koko' said...

New husband, New house, New car!

ahseng said...

Kinda great year ain't it. No matter how bad a drive u might have been, u forget to note who got your car's first scratch.

More Big Bang Theory for 2010!!