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Friday, January 8, 2010

New Year

Well, the first week has just ended and as I sit here typing this...I get the feeling that I'm procrastinating.

Yes, tomorrow is Saturday.

The day after is Sunday.

I should have two whole days of rest to recuperate from quite a hectic start. But it ain't so. I already have a pile of things to do. Most of them with deadlines in the following week.

I see similar status reports from teacher-friends all over the country. Chorus of "I can die already-lah, and it's only the first week" resound unanimously throughout cyberspace. As a student, I thought only students felt like it. As I a student, I constantly felt victimised by the school's various programs and events and special occasions.

As a teacher, I dread them even more :p

Today, in class, I admitted to a whole class of fifteen-year-olds that I'd rather be at home sleeping than in school working. This was a retort to their, "Teacher, school holidays not enough...wished it was longer. We so tired." Their ceaseless bleating both amused and irritated me. So I shared a nugget of wisdom with them :p (wah, wisdom konon)

"Holidays are never enough because human beings are naturally selfish and lazy. We are! If we could, we'd never work a day in our lives. If we could, we'd never want to deal with difficult people or situations. If we could, we would only be with people who made us feel good. But, we can't, right? It's the same for you and it's the same for me. In the end, think about's for the best. It's this way that we make contributions to the world around us. I teach you English today. I get paid. You use the English I teach you to get a better job. You get paid, and feed your family"

I said this all in halting Mandarin. But they understood.

And it shut them up. More importantly, it made them think.


ah^kam_koko' said...

Well well...
There's a teaching moment right there!

Rosalynn said...

I live for these matter how few there are of 'em.