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Monday, January 11, 2010

Storyteller Me


Potato People and Prisoner of Zenda.

These are the two novels that I've been presenting, dissecting, translating and regurgitating to my 2nd and 3rd formers the past two years. I've almost got the lessons down pat.

I didn't really enjoy these two novels at first. In fact, though I am now able to appreciate Potato People, Prisoner of Zenda still ain't my cuppa tea ... sorry, Sir Anthony Hope.

However, as my lecturer Dr Lawrence once told me; as a teacher, I am also a salesperson. And if I want my kiddies to learn what I'm imparting - I have to be a damn good sales assistant :p

Believe me - selling novel ideas (pun! hahahaha) is hard!

Anyway, I've been putting on the storyteller hat for every literature lesson since last year. I know I probably look a damn fool when I go into character(s) - waving my arms, gesticulating wildly, making sound effects/ shrilly voices etc etc.

But....that LOOK on the students' faces.... boys and girls with mouths slightly agape, knuckles white, eyes wide... that's the look I live for. So although it's tiring and my vocal chords feel like it's being shredded and grated...

I'll continue being a storyteller :D


ah^kam_koko' said...

All right!
Keep it up!

Rosalynn said...

Thanks Jarod! Can't live without your cheerleading!