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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I was getting slightly anxious that KID didn't seem to be displaying the same sort of enthusiasm for studying he had earlier in the year.

Again, today I had a lesson with his class - after almost 2 complete weeks without (holidays and programs and whatnot).

I ran another group-based lesson. This was the first I'd done for essay writing.

It worked well for those who had even the slightest heart to learn. Burnt to ashes for those who shut their hearts so tight that not a glimmer of light could pass was saddddd.

Lesson went as planned anyway - I worked through a simple essay with a 2-pic stimulus and some given keywords. I had every group scrutinize the pictures and tell me who and what they saw, the location of the event, the time etc etc. I'd write down their shoutouts and translate for them when they didn't know the English word for something. Brainstorming la katakan...

It was tiring because I kept having to manage the naughty ones who were disrupting the class the whoooooooooolllllleeeeee time! Devil-monkey hybirds I tell you! :p

Anyway, imagine my delight when KID comes up to me after class (which was after recess because I stayed back to help a few others). He was diligently asking questions and didn't nod off once during the lesson, so I was plenty pleased anyway.

Then came, "Teacher, do you think you could tutor me? I will pay you. I can set aside one day per week. I can have tuition on that day with you."

I was nodding yes even before he finished! SO happy at his pro-activeness! Now it's all up to me. He's made the sacrifice and I'm going to make it worth his while!


Amy said...

The world is so much better to have a teacher like you...I am so proud of you and even prouder for a student like KID that is keen to learn and proactive...

ah^kam_koko' said...

Are you sure you're not nodding happily coz of the $$$$$?

Rosalynn said...

Amy, I was feeling very proud of him too :D

Jahat Jarod! :P

Did u think I'd accept money from this kid???

Kesian tau!