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Friday, November 26, 2010

Honeymoon? Avillion

KG and I never had our honeymoon. There was always some pressing matters that made it impossible to get away. Well, in the end, I put my foot down and insisted we go somewhere. That somewhere turned out to be a beach resort called Avillion Port Dickson :p

Some people have commented that for the same cost, we could have gone to Phuket or Bali - true, but all I wanted was a pretty place to kick back and relax.

I wasn't in the market for shopping or sight-seeing, so spending half the budget we'd prepared to fly to a place where I'd only want to spend the whole day in bed...*ahem*...wasn't feasible :p

So, here's a photolog of our experience.

Entrance was unassuming - almost missed it!

Buried at the end of the lushly forested driveway - the reception pavillion.

We arrived at 1.30pm - too early!

So, we settled down at the Galley, had drinks and soaked in the atmosphere. In this photo, KG can be seen usual *blek*

KG got impatient after a while and went off to hurry things along at the reception.

I stayed behind to stare at the fan.

Apparently, the room had been ready donkey years ago (2.30pm at this point) but they were too busy to call us (which they said they would). *rolls eyes*

Nevertheless, we were happy to be given the keycard to our chalet and took this pic to commemorate the event.

Room 926 at the Tumasek "finger". There's some cockamamie *nods to Sheldon* legend whereby each row of chalets refer to a sampan...or something :p

The room was just cosy enough - thank goodness we had the King bed! Also loved the daybed in that small alcove. Though it may be difficult to ascertain from this pic, the daybed is actually as large as a Queen bed - awesome to laze on and stare out at the sea.

This was out view from our private balcony. Had always wanted to stay in a plce like this. We were, of course, just next to the other rooms, but thanks to the strategic planning - we felt like we were alone most times.

Ahhh, the open shower - loved this!!! The water pressure was AWESOME so I'd sit on the steps and feel like I was being massaged :p

See, the rooms were actually very close together - in fact, felt a little like a fishing village - one were everyone dressed fabulously and nobody fished.

Lepak-ed at one of the wakafs near our room to view the sunset. But then, we got sien and went to look for other things to do. We are so not "tai foong ging" people.

Another lovely spot to just lounge. In fact, the resort was peppered with these "lookout points" at strategic locations.

This place was soooooo green! I spent a lot of time walking around the resort and wondering how many gardeners they needed to keep this place this pristine-looking.

Ahhh, the pet farm. I was cynical of this at first (when I was looking through the website) but the animals were shooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuute!

Exhibit A - muticoloured wabbits snuggling together; the lop-eared one stole my heart!

The very tame peacocks and hens. Magnificent plumage. They were free to wander anywhere they pleased ... which made me wonder if they pooped everywhere too :s

Wabbit laying prosrate, echidna-style.
Other wabbit wonders if there's something wrong with him.

Jalan-jalan waktu malam.

Signboards kept us from getting lost (and it's possible due to the dense foliage everywhere).

There are two pools here - this is the kiddy pool. Lotsa yummy mummies lazing on the lounges while watching their kiddies frolic in the water during the day. I must say, I caught glimpses of many a shirtlessly-delicious daddies too *ahem*

The excitingly-labeled Cochin Pool. The ADULTS ONLY label had us hooked...

The adults pool by day. Very clean and picturesque. I loved how Avillion doesn't scrimp on their beach towels. These were available on the beach as well as the pools. Then, there were towel drop-off points everywhere so you needn't worry about bringing your own towels or having to deal with wet ones.

Glorious sunsets.

The next morning.....

Drizzling lightly...sadddddd

"How about my beached whale impersonation???"

But the heavens opened and then, there was sunlight....this was a miracle by itself!
The weather forcast had predicted 2 days of wet weather in the 3 days we were there. In the end, however, we only had that tiny spot on rain on the 2nd day. The rest were clear and breezy.

We took walks on the beach...

...where we saw something that we think might gross Iris out. Does it, Iris??? lol

Walk walk walk. Let it not be said that Rosalynn Wong was a pig!

Though I also spent a lot of time watching Moonlight Resonance on the bed :p

The highlight of our stay was the spa experience. This is how AviSpa looks at night. All shining and glittery and magical.

The waiting cum cafe area.

The outdoor lounge which overlooks the Straits of Malacca.

Had the whole place to ourselves that day.

Yayayayay - pretendin' to be datin in my FOS t-shirt :p Sawittri would frown upon my wardrobe choices...come to think of it, so would Jarod.

Getting ready....

View during reflexology. These are KG's legs. I was screaming in pain 2 feet away.

After the torture - so sakit it was good. Aunt Helen would've enjoyed this.
Lol - am now addicted to being kneaded, pummeled and pulled.

Yummylicious ginger-honey-lemon tea! I could drink a whole pot of it. And I did.

Lost all "yi-tai" (composure) after spa session.
Btw, I'm wearing diff t-shirts coz we went for 2 sessions,

KG was happy with his torture session too.

The daily breakfast was really good. Everything was delicious - well, everything I had anyway. Had to resist the Nasi Lemak and Porridge otherwise couldn't try their other stuff!

I liked the scrambled eggs.

Back to mem-babi-ing after breakfast. The eggs went straight to my chin(s).

Finally, checked out after 3 days of total bliss.

Bye bye Avillion!

Verdict : GOOD - no complaints since it fulfilled my needs exactly. Very, very beautiful.

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