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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Honey Badger (^x^)

I'm an avid admirer of . Whenever I have the slightest bit of time, this is my first and foremost reading material.

It overtook Wikipedia as my No.1 trivia website when I discovered it was overtly less academic and definitely more pop culture. It helps that it's hilariously vulgar too!!!

It's fun to read about history, science and other "academic" stuff in our current vernacular and you never know what you'd find in Cracked.

I remember the first article I read there - Deadliest Insects

I dare you to watch the Japanese Hornets video! I DARE you ... lol

Recently, I read :
6 Animals That Just Don't Give A F#@k

Ladies and gentleman, let me introduce the one creature in this world who deserves my ardent admiration, my deepest devotion and my fervent fangirl-dom...the Honey Badger!

Yo! Just lookin for grub, 'dat all!....Hey hey, you wanna be it?

He's not a looker, to be sure, but what it lacks in handsome-ness, it more than makes up in sheer cahones! I'll share some quips from Wikipedia (still my 2nd fave reference point) about this amazing organism.

...has few natural predators due to its thick skin and ferocious defensive abilities..."

"Honey badgers are notoriously fearless and tough animals, having been known to savagely attack their enemies when escape is impossible. They are tireless in combat, and can wear out much larger animals in physical confrontations. The aversion of most predators toward hunting honey badgers has led to the theory that the countershaded coats of cheetah kittens evolved in imitation of the honey badger's colouration in order to ward off predators."

"Because of the toughness and looseness of their skin, honey badgers are very difficult to kill.... The skin is also tough enough to resist several machete blows. The only sure way of killing them quickly is through a blow to the skull with a club or a shot to the head with a powerful rifle, as their skin is almost immune to arrows and spears."

If you have time, watch the video on the honey badger

I love how it resurrects after being bitten to go back to its meal :D

All pics from Wikipedia!

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