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Friday, August 5, 2011


Oh, how my life has changed hihihiks!

For the longest time I have resisted this trend. This unfathomable deed of purchasing what I can only describe as a toy for adults.

Obviously in this day and age, countless people use this device. Many swear by it to fill the void in their lives - to cure boredom, to relieve stress, to keep loneliness at bay.

I was skeptical of course, why should I rely on this small electronic device to make me happy? Don't I have Tora, Big Bang Theory and Kean Ghee to fulfill my needs (pls refer to above)?

Furthermore, who's to say which one is the best? They come in so many shapes and sizes, each with its unique features.

I finally caved in last weekend. It was time. I knew it. I had to embrace the inevitable.

Say hello to:

Image from HTC website.

My new HTC smartphone :D

It was recommended to me by a good/phoneatic friend, Sunny, when I sent an SOS into FB asking for suggestions for a new phone. My old faithful, the SE K770i had decided to bow out gracefully by leaving me subtle hints like, failing to store previously dialed numbers, not accepting SMSs and finally, deleting all my pictures and music on the phone.

Image from Sony Ericsson website.

It was sad saying bye bye. When I switched it off for the last time, I kissed it and patted it. Now it's resting in a drawer at home. It's official designation? Back-up phone.

So now it's basically me against the machine. Being incredibly tech-unsavvy, I have lots to learn about operating this phone. However, it's a fun process for me. I'm still discovering how wonderfully complex a mobile phone can be! It's my entertainment, info and communication tool, all in one.

I use it for FB-ing, Tweeting, Googling etc etc. KG and I even randomly loaded some X Japan video to watch before we fell asleep last night :D

The HTC Incredible S isn't the easiest of phones to master. There're so many things to manage with it. Nonetheless, I'm glad I jumped into the deep end of the pool and got it anyway. I'm slowly wrapping my head around the fact that this wee thing isn't just a phone anymore - anyone who wants to get a smartphone should know that they operate almost-just like a PC.

You have to manage programs (called applications or Apps) and watch your resources (Batt life, RAM, space etc). You also need to worry about bugs and other annoying stuff.

All in all though, it's a toy. It's a great adult toy. Kids shouldn't be handling this because all they'd do with it is play games. Nooooopes. Kids will not play games on my phone.

Because it's a toy.

It's a toy for adults.

For adults, like me.

So, kids, no touchy. That includes you, Mr A-who-resides-in-my-belly.


cherrie princess said...

Yeah... welcome to the world of smart phones. I love my iphone... haha... i love being able to whisk it out anytime, anywhere just to check on the pronunciation or meaning of a word...

Curse said...

Not forgetting waking up your brother in the morning on a SATURDAY!!! Just to check for reviews and prices =.=