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Friday, September 2, 2011


*I know some ppl find it offensive when pregnant ppl keep on rambling about their unborn child. My apologies :p, but this is going to be my journal of sorts and will be used to threaten or cajole my kid in the future. Do feel free to not read on.

Have been marking essay books since morning.

It's funny, but I haven't been able to sleep much at night. I always end up waking up the same time KG does (or even earlier than him). Blame the bladder trips. Sad but true.

For the past few months, I've been feeling much better than the few months before that. The agonizing nausea ....... gone. The feeling of dread and trepidation ....... gone. The failing fatigue ...... gone. I was doing fine. I had my energy and spirit back and it was fun bonding with the tiny tenant in my womb.

Mr A is lots of fun.

While he resides in my belly, he seems to have developed an awareness of a world beyond that. In the past week or so, he has been testing the waters, so to speak. When I'm lying flat on my back, I can sometimes poke and have my poke reach him (I try not to think of where I'm poking him, because I honestly don't know).

Last night, I was jolted awake by his pounding of tiny fists (feet?) and decided to poke him. I can't begin to describe the feeling when I felt a tiny orb (like fist/feet) protruding outwards. I sortof squeezed it gently and it retracted quickly. In spite of myself, I laughed. Then, the orb came back up, in a slightly different position. I wonder if anyone can tell me what this actually is. Well, I could ask my mom, but she gives me such vague answers, I'd rather not.

Just 15 minutes ago, while marking books on the bed (Mr A had not been very active today) I decided to flip over. I forgot about the huge bump. So I lost my breathe for a split second and had to heave myself of said bump before causing damage to it. This little stunt woke Mr A up big time. He's been rocking and rumbling since then.

Then, it occurred to me, I hadn't been able to lie on my stomach for about half a year now. And it's my fave position for reading, watching TV etc etc. Sad but true.

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