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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hard as a Rock

I used to look at pregnant bellies of friends and wonder how it felt carrying a water balloon the size of a watermelon 24-hours a day strapped to their mid-sections.

Now I know.

In case you don't, well, the belly feels more like a rock than anything else. It feels stretched, tense and unyielding. Sometimes it's bumpy and uneven too! I've had my belly in a bundt - cake shape (indent in the middle) in a bum shape (two bumps, left and right) and of course the classic torpedo (sharp bump). So no, the pregnant belly isn't just round - Freaky.

Speaking of freaky...

Ta -dah! Pig-trotters anyone?

This is what my feet look like nowadays. Edema, they call it. Basically it's water retention. THIS makes me feel like I'm walking around with a pillow strapped to my feet - very bad for balance. Especially now that I'm 70kgs balancing on size 5 feet. Centre of gravity calculation, physicists?

Neways, have only decided to blog due to restlessness and insomnia. Need to go back to bed now. It's Sambutan Hari Kokurikulum at school tomorrow and I'm on duty. Let's hope I find Sleep and it doesn't put up a fight.

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