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Thursday, December 6, 2012


I know my enthusiasm is a little late, but hols are (have been here) and it's great!

We blasted off with a visit from Dom n Iris.  They were down here for Legoland and it was such a let down thanks to a heavy downpour.  We only went one...3 rides, I think?  What a waste of time!  Btw, though we were armed with ponchos - they were thin like garbage bags (fr KK Mart).  Not ideal for walking around the park.  Get them for emergencies instead.

On the bright side, Dom got really LUCKY!  Because it was raining for so long, he decided to give the funfair stands a shot.  It was ...well, just look at the picture below:

Mind you,it was very very hard.  There were only 2 lucky goblets among, like, a hundred.  And he got it in!  The prize was this Mega-Sized giraffe.  

It's now residing in my living room :p

Hello Melman!

Then, we jetted up to KL for an ultra-luxurious 5-day Diwali celebration.  (Usually we have, like, 3 days tops).  Fun Fun Fun.

On day two, the 3-sekawan of us ventured out to MidValley.  It was the first time we'd brought Aedan out and about in KL and he loved it.  We bought him a pair of shoes and he was off!  It was such a joy to see him toddling ( I love that word - an action version of an onomatopoeia if there ever was one).


Grand Theft Auto - He REALLY loved that Merc.

On day three, we had an equally awesome and stressful time at Uncle Ravi and Aunt Karen's place for our annual Diwali makan.  Awesome because of the food and company, stressful because of the screaming baby (who decided the world world was against him). Aedan was overwhelmed by the crowd and he really acted out....Let's hope he behaves better next year.  Btw, can I tumpang glamer and say I'm cousins with Naomi (who's a Miss Malaysia/Universe contestant)?  Don't let me hear ANYONE say, "Where's the resemblance?"  (!!!)  She's the one in Gray/Gold btw.

 Girl Cousins Annual 2012

Diverting his attention away from tears.  Kau Foo's idea to use Technology.  Worked for all of 5 minutes.

KG's way :D 
On day four, we went for a jaunt to the Curve.  I had some things I wanted for myself and I always love Ikea around Chirstmas time.  We had lunch at Marche - and one of the best mushroom soups I've had in quite some time.  (Question - the gourmet mushroom soups I've been having around, even at very, very good restos tend to be on the thin side.  Is thick, creamy mushroom soup out of fashion or something?)

Aedan wasn't impressed with the mushroom soup, coz he didn't get to taste it :p

And on the final day, we went to visit Ah Ye's grave.  It was raining and gloomy.  It's been almost 12 years...and I still miss him sometimes.  The cousins were all there.  Aedan was presented to AhYe properly - and we prayed together.  Then, the rest of the day was spent trying to get Aedan to be his usual cheery self again.  After the Diwali debacle, he grew very distrustful of everyone, even his faourite Aunt Yiyi!  We had a few short hours to lounge around, then it was back to JB.

For the next couple of weeks, I played housewife - a role I relish with glee.  It was just me and Aedan at home during the day. I cleaned, dusted, mopped and tidied - this is my annual school hols project.  Decorated the house - no Xmas tree this year, thanks to Aedan's fiddly fingers.

Deco on the banister - where Aedan can't grab them :D
For all my moanin' and complainin', I really love spending time with Aedan.  He's such a cutie pie.  He's also such an imp - with that wicked smile and twinkly eyes.  And his development these past weeks have been amazing - these peeps grow so quickly!  Sometimes I whisper in his ear, "Slow down, lil man, mommy needs you like this for a little while more".  Breaks my heart that when school reopens, it'll be back to the routine of not-being-there.  But I guess that's the sacrifice many of us have to make, huh?

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